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Parental control keywords


Parents may not be able to control everything their kids do all timesbut when it comes to the internet Parental control keywords you can have more control than you think. By using sleuthy add-ons, you can block your kids from anything you deem unfit.

Previously known as Chrome Nanny, Nanny for Google Chrome is the perfect extension for older children who have time management issues when it comes to homework. Many parents may also find this a useful Parental control keywords for keeping them on-track, as it has a built-in tracker that keep tabs on where you go online and how long you spend at each site.

A true blue URL-blocker extension based on the time of the day you specify, Nanny for Google Chrome is a reliable way to prevent your kids from visiting sites you disapprove. Download Nanny for Google Chrome. For a simpler method of blocking online content, look no further than tinyFilter, which blocks sites not by "Parental control keywords," but by keywords you specify when setting it up. This add-on can still block URLs that you designate, however, tinyFilter really stands out for its keyword filtering abilities.