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Sexualy frustrated tumblr


Make him fuck you with your favorite strap-on. You can enjoy it for as long as you want without worrying that he might cum. In fact he can be kept in chastity while pleasing you. Not as a punishment, but as "Sexualy frustrated tumblr" reinforcement of this new dynamic, issue out maintenance spankings. Male behaviour will improve dramatically when you intentionally remove his sexual satisfaction.

His instincts will drive him to exhibit pleasing behaviour and will make it much more difficult for him to do anything that goes against your wishes. Just remember there is a significant time delay as the male moves from a state of sexual satisfaction to sexual Sexualy frustrated tumblr. It takes a little time and denying his orgasm for only a few days will not be long enough.

In fact for the first few days, he might be more impatient, aggressive and exhibit annoying manipulative behaviour like whining or attempt to control you through force. A good rule of thumb is that it "Sexualy frustrated tumblr" about a week to see the benefits of enforced chastity.

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You have to give him enough time to get completely sexually unsatisfied before you are in full control. For this to happen you are going to need one of the vast selection of male chastity devices on the open market.

Not allowing him to orgasm during sex with you, and doing away with his unsupervised masturbation by putting him in chastity will result in your man always being focused on you. He will not be able Sexualy frustrated tumblr escape his need to give you fulfilment of every want and desire. A helpful way to think of this is to think of his sexual satisfaction as a vacation away from you.

Every time the male achieves orgasm his focus will move somewhere else for about a week.

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With that in mind, you should consider how many weeks per year you want his attention to be on his own selfish desires. As the one in power, decide many weeks of vacation Sexualy frustrated tumblr your best employee deserve per year? As vacations go, "Sexualy frustrated tumblr" is no exact formula. Since you are the one in power, you get to decide when and where. You are in every right to punish bad behaviour. Which brings us to the other half of behaviour modification.

Delay or modify his reward. In some instances, it is appropriate to use physical punishment, such as spanking. Application of some sort of chemical like Icy Hot to his balls, nipples or penis can be non-dangerous and memorably painful.

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A time out option is also appropriate. Find an out of the way place: A final form of punishment would be to make him endure something disgusting: Tell him you are going to tie and please. Once he is helpless, detail his mistakes and punish. When his cock is locked up he will develop some amazing tongue skills…. Use strict enforced chastity.

Tease him as often Sexualy frustrated tumblr possible.

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