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Psychsexual assessment


Psychological Affiliates Inc delivers Orlando patients state of the art Psychologists services. There are three basic reasons for, and context of, psychosexual evaluations: Confidential, Stipulated, and Court-Ordered.

The differences among these types of evaluation lies in the intended use of the results and Psychsexual assessment is authorized to receive them. The procedures of the evaluation itself are generally the same whether Confidential, Stipulated, or Court-Ordered. Psychosexual Psychsexual assessment rather uniformly involve the taking of a detailed history, especially a sexual history, review of any available background records, and specialized testing.

In addition, a collateral interview is usually requested, such as with a current or recent spouse or romantic partner.

A psychosexual evaluation may be requested for anyone over 13 years old, even those with cognitive impairment. The Confidential Psychosexual Evaluation is the most commonly requested type in our office. It is usually requested by the criminal defense attorney representing the client, who typically has been or expects to be charged with a sex offense. The intended use is to assist the defense attorney in representing the accused to the court.

If for any reason the evaluation results are deemed to Psychsexual assessment be helpful to defense, the results are not used.

When results indicate, for example, a likely diagnosis of pedophilia or a high risk of sexual recidivism, the attorney may opt to not use those results. An attorney, whether a Public Defender or a privately hired one, may request a psychosexual evaluation at any time, including prior to Psychsexual assessment arrest or formal charges, as well as prior to sentencing.

Psychsexual assessment sentencing, a psychosexual evaluation may be ordered, Psychsexual assessment is often a requirement of probation.

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