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Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship


I am not quite sure why there must be a second translation of this poem! The guardian did one already and a fairly good summary in English of the controversy http: It lacks rhythm and rime.

It also isn't any good as Agit prop. He might have been better of writing an op-ed, he would have the opportunity to be more differentiated and less parochial.

During one of the many interviews he has given "Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship" the poem blew up, Grass has mentioned that he ought to have specifically mentioned the current Israeli Netanjahu government which is the one that is pleading for a first strike.

The German reaction to the poem is nearly universally negative, but never substantively addresses Grass's main point. He is accused of anti-Semitism, his having been drafted into the SS toward the end of the war, his not having fessed up to it until much later in life are held against him although this was well known in Berlin in the 60s; he is not entirely consistent in dishing out moral disapprobation over the years. One grave matter keeps re-appearing: In Persian, so friends tell me, it is in the passive voice and means as much as "the State of Israel will disappear", there is not threat.

Israelis are understandably hysterical, they have a demagogue for a leader. Israel is meanwhile an assassination state, as is the US, Israel has already performed two preemptive strikes against nuclear facilities, in Iraq and last year in Syria. The entire matter might be simpler if, say, the Hittites had been given the opportunity to return to lands that they were dispersed from thousands of years ago.

But the matter all around is more complicated, and a lot of parties have what's called "a dog" in American to keep the conflict from being resolved. If it takes a lousy poem by G. Grass Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship a discussion to ensue in Germany, with its unsettled conscience, so much the better.

Warum aber schwieg ich bislang? Weil ich meinte, meine Herkunft, die von nie zu tilgendem Makel behaftet ist, verbiete, diese Tatsache als ausgesprochene Wahrheit dem Land Israel, dem ich verbunden bin und bleiben will, zuzumuten.

Warum sage ich jetzt erst, Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship und mit letzter Tinte: Michael, thanks for the German original.

There don't have to be two translations; but in my Saturday afternoon funk, after my botanist friend emailed and asked about the controversy, and after he sent me a link to a horrible translation by an Italian, I thought it would be good to show him what it said and I wasn't smart enough to find the good Guardian translation till later and I haven't translated anything lately and it's fun to figure out stuff and so I just did it and there it is.

Grass hat gezeigt, dass dem so nicht ist. Grass hat kein Gedicht geschrieben. Er hat es nur als Gedicht "verkauft". Das so was Anti-Semitismus Beschuldigungen hervorruft zeugt von der scheinbaren Unmoeglichkeit zwischen Juden und dem Staat Israel zu unterscheiden, und von der andauernden Unausgeglichenheit des Deutschen Schuldgefuehls.

In that respect the entire controversy in Germany strikes me as amazingly parochial. All kinds of nasty critiques of Grass the person and his past are rife in every quarter: Incidently, Persian friends of Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship claim that the threat to wipe Israel of the map, is a mis-translation of an observation made in the passive voice, which says as much as "Israel will disappear" a truism that can be said about all of us. Yet another slew of links, what surprises me is that we don't have Handke's reaction.

I imagine he is having conniptions at the amount of attention Grass is getting. And I cannot imagine that no end of news paper people have not sought to get a comment out of him.

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Israel hat inzwischen ein Einreiseverbot gegen ihn erlassen. I asked friend and author Esther Dischereit, some of whose essays I have translated, whom I had asked for her take on the Grass poem, to post her fine reply to my question, and she replied that it would be all right if I posted it in her stead.

Esther is the Suhrkrampf author of a number of books, you find her bio at http: Sozusagen als sei das Frieden, jetzt. Israel wird bei Herrn Grass als Verursacherin der Bedrohung bezeichnet.

Das scheint mir eine Simplifizierung zu sein. Seit Jahren herrscht in der Region der Status Quo. Broder in "Die Welt" 4. Und zwar genau jene, die es antizipiert und denen es vorbeugend entgegenarbeitet?

Dem Autor wird dennoch wiederholt Antisemitismus unterstellt. Das war einer Bemerkung Fontanes entnommen, die gleich im ersten Abschnitt des Artikels zitiert wird: Literarische Techniken der Anspielung sind dem Autor jedenfalls keineswegs fremd.

Der Beitrag ist zuerst in unserem Kulturjournal erschienen — zusammen mit dem kompletten Text des Gedichtes und Hinweisen auf die Resonanz darauf. More links, courtesy of Michael Roloff: A real assemblage of links can be found at http: What is he guilty off that you and not end of American commentators must rub his nose in it, as he does himself: Do you know what the alternative was???? He served for a few month and appears to have been scared to death during his one engagement.

He is not a murderer. What are the US volunteers for the criminal attack on Iraq guilty of? And Iran's threat to Israel consists of what? Who is the threat to world peace at the moment? I would say after Netanjahus visit to the US it is Israel, not that there are not voices opposing him there.

Anyone Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship realizing as much after that man's recent visit to Washington must look forward to what seems bound to occur after the November election. Anyone seriously interested in the many voices pro and con the Grass poem might visit the following blog that contains links to most of them.

Their entire policy in Gaza and the West Bank can be linked in word and deed to the racial cleansing policies of Nazi Germany. Their brutal disregard of all the resolutions of the United Nations, some of which they have even signed, and international law can be proven in detail over and over again. The funny thing is I think that the Palestinians themselves are also Semites.

So the Israelis are being anti-Semitic when they bash Palestinians? It appears that the only ones who have learned from that sad history are most of the Germans themselves. Aber Grass war schon immer so Die kommentierte Kulturpresseschau. Wochentags um 9 Uhr, sonnabends um 10 Uhr.

So dumm, so krass kann Dichtung sein. Die Medien sind der Skandal, schreibt Robert Menasse auf news. In der Welt Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship Henryk Broder: Grass hat Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship Antisemitismus einen Schritt weiter gebracht.


In der Jungle World konstatiert Yoram Kaniuk: Israel spielt mit unser aller Leben! Grass schafft es, die Verbrechen der Nazis zu relativieren, ohne sie zu verharmlosen. Um ehrlich zu sein: Es interessiert mich nicht besonders. Ich denke nicht, dass dieses Gedicht irgendeine Bedeutung hat. Grass hatte schon immer problematische Ansichten zu Israel und den Juden. Es ist einfach nur so, Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship er ein Problem mit Juden hat.

Ich hatte eine Diskussion mit ihm im deutschen Fernsehen. Ich wandte mich gegen die Tatsache, dass die deutsche Linke gegen den damaligen Krieg der USA gegen den Irak protestierte, ohne gleichzeitig gegen die Giftgaslieferungen deutscher Firmen an Saddam Hussein in den achtziger Jahren zu protestieren: Deutsche, Juden, Gas — diese Verbindung sollte es nicht mehr geben, und das habe ich ihm gesagt.

7. Apr. Kleine Verteidigung eines...

Wir hatten damals eine lange Diskussion und meine Schlussfolgerung daraus war, dass er eine sehr schwierige Person ist, und dass er ein Problem mit all dem hat. Die meisten Israelis sind das nicht. Doch das ist unsere Sache als Israelis. Robert Menasse schreibt auf news. Die Medien produzieren Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship den Skandal, den sie dann berichten.

Eigentlich handelt es sich ja um kein Gedicht, sondern eher um ein Gedacht: But let me at least post a few links to the massive material that has in one week accrued to what is more of an op-ed in broken lines than a poem.

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The main charge of Grass's poem - a charge that he approaches obliquely, asking for forgiveness,in full Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship of his nation's crimes and his own personal failings, is that the Netanhyahu government is posing a threat to world peace.

Ah to be not only an artist but a conscience!!! Presumptuous and contradictory, and unnecessarily self-righteous as Grass actions as consience have been over the years, however the truth of the substance of his charge needs to be addressed. In Germany he has been overwhelmed by consternation and charges of being anti-semitic by attacking the state of Israel.

I happen to find those attacks on Grass entirely misguided and Kleiner schraubenzieher ersatz homosexual relationship and to manifest a German fear of being regarded as anti-semitic if they support Grass's position! In other words, these attacks on Grass, especially Henryk Broder's, testify more to the guilt that continues to weigh on German concscience, and which the likes of Bernard Henry Levy use as Piniata. The popular book reviewer Marcel Reich-Ranicki finds a kind of return of the repressed in Grass.

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