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CVRx is a medical device...

GlaxoSmithKline had already signalled its interest in bioelectronics by starting an investment group three years ago that focused on this area. But it behoves companies in general to look at the long-term horizon and see what can have meaningful impact not only on one or two products but what could open up a whole new class.

Bioelectronics is similar to neuromodulation, involving the use of implanted devices to stimulate or block neural impulses. Bioelectronics seeks to adapt the technique to a much wider Cvrx fdating of disorders. Galvani is going where the money is, with development programmes in metabolic, inflammatory Cvrx fdating endocrine disorders, with type 2 diabetes being one example.

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Galvani contends that there are several ways in which altering neural function can treat this condition. Animal models is as far as the company has got. Still, is a while away, and another company has already reached the clinical stage with a similar technology.

Cvrx fdating month SetPoint Medical reported encouraging, if not definitive, results with its vagus nerve stimulation device in patients with rheumatoid arthritis Interview — SetPoint off to Cvrx fdating good start in the clinicJuly 21, Galvani intends to employ a similar initial clinical strategy to SetPoint, using a third-party device at first — SetPoint has adapted a vagus nerve stimulator from Cyberonics, while Galvani is using a device from Nuviant Medical.

It will simultaneously work on a proprietary version. There are differences, however.

Another difference between Galvani and SetPoint is the positioning of the modulators. But this presents problems of its own, not least how to power the device.

As for the competitive landscape, there are several device companies working on Cvrx fdating neurostimulation. CVRx is developing a device Cvrx fdating simulate the carotid sinus to treat hypertension and heart failure and ImThera Medical is working on stimulating the hypoglossal nerve in the neck as a therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea. And then there are the big players: Glaxo is the first pharma company to show an interest in this approach. Mr Famm believes it will not be the last.

He says that it is inevitable that other large pharmaceutical companies will see the potential of bioelectronics and begin to investigate this technique.


The success or otherwise of bioelectronics in general and Galvani in particular will naturally hinge on clinical data. ComeGlaxo will have a decent idea of whether its faith has been justified. To contact the writer of this story email Elizabeth Cairns in London at elizabethc Cvrx fdating.

Galvanise Another difference between Galvani and SetPoint is the positioning of the modulators. Related Topics Company Strategy.

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