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It is projected that about 17 million people die of heart attacks and strokes every year, across the world. A heart attack is a grim health emergency whereby, the flow of blood to the heart is rapidly blocked, typically by a blood clot. Heart disease can befall one and all, irrespective of age Abir goswami wife sexual dysfunction gender, and could result in terminal heart attacks if not appropriately diagnosed.

There are many celebrities of varying talents who have succumbed to death due to heart attacks. He was a well-known American vocalist, songwriter and record producer. Vandross ailed from diabetes and hypertension, this could be because of family heredities alongside lifestyle and diet.

Gandolfini died at the age of 51 Abir goswami wife sexual dysfunction Rome on June 19, Abir Goswami died on 31 May aged 37 due to cardiac arrest when working out on his treadmill.

Boris was a Soviet and Russian politician and more so the first President of the Russian Federation, serving from to He was an alcohol dependent who suffered heart problems in the years and Boris Yeltsin died of congestive heart failure on 23 Aprilaged Doyle was found grabbing his chest in the great hall of Windlesham Manor, his home in Crowborough, East Sussex, on 7 July He was a promising talent in the football world and it was a very sad and shocking death.

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On 6 MayEkeng died, controversy surrounded his death due to cases of negligence that led to the doctor being charged with man slaughter. He was an author of one of the greatest novels of all times; the great Gatsby.

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He was known to be a heavy smoker and drinker and had consequently suffered two heart attacks before his death at the age of Michael was just 54 at Abir goswami wife sexual dysfunction time he suffered a heart attack which would eventually lead to his untimely death. Hoover was still the director of the FBI when he died in his Washington home of a heart attack, on May 2, He was a very talented Canadian talk show host who still prospered as an actor and song writer.

He was father to famous musician Robin Thicke and a friend to many celebrities including the likes of Bob Saget and Leonardo Di Caprio.

He died on December 13, after collapsing while enjoying a hockey game in the company of his son. The death of the above celebrities prompts us to be aware of the symptoms of a heart attack, this include:. Symptoms are not useful unless you act fast on them thus saving a life.

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