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Marianne williamson intimate relationships dating


We bring others into our lives who will trigger these replays and thus help us with healing the past. Do you have a history of abandonment?

Because of the Law of Attractionyou will tend to attract those who will abandon you until the old hurts are healed. With the "abandonment scenario" in our psyche, you may fear abandonment so much that even when you attract a good relationship, you do things like being too needy and clingy that push the person away and result in abandonment.

Set aside some quiet time to review your childhood and what you learned about relationships growing up. How are these themes being played out in your life today? Although just understanding the dynamics doesn't instantly heal the feelings, it does give you a new perspective on why you have attracted the type of relationships you have up until now.

Communicate your feelings without judgment

You can then respond differently to the issues when they come up. Relationships mirror parts of ourselves. We are quite comfortable with the wonderful and Marianne williamson intimate relationships dating parts of us we see reflected in others.

When we see "negative" parts of ourselves reflected, we are often sure it's "the other person's problem! The stronger your reaction to a "negative" part of someone else, the more likely you are judging some part of yourself. The person who is your greatest teacher is the one who bothers you the most! When you are reacting strongly to someone, ask yourself- "Who does this remind me of?

How old do I feel? What is it that is really bothering me? When these feeling gets triggered, welcome them, because you have an opportunity to heal them. A Course in Miracles tells us that everything out there is a projection from inside.

Be willing to take back your projections. Rather than blaming the other person, ask yourself, "What can I learn from this? Marianne williamson intimate relationships dating

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Your perception is your perception. It is not the Truth. The other person's perception of the situation is different, or there wouldn't be an issue. Use "I" language I feel Be open to listening to another point of view and working things out. Be willing to see things differently and forgive.

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The poet William Blake once wrote this very short poem to his wife, "Throughout eternity, you forgive me and I forgive you. However, forgiveness is important in all types of relationships.

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