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You can revive it by posting a reply. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Your Fetlfe com of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. LibraryThing All topics Hot topics Book discussions. Who has visited Fetlfe com group?

Like finding sxl magazine Fetlfe com facebook it has a fetishes list that is incredible. I always thought that BDSM meant bondage,leather,restraints and control.

I'm on there, and I'm pretty sure it's not a "facebook group". The book club thread on fetlife is awesomely active, btw. Fetlfe is nothing to do with Facebook, as far as I could tell, but it does insist on Fetlfe com a lot of personal data before it lets you in to any depth. That said, it's quite informative, but it is a BIG site, and really needs time to work it through.

Fetlfe is nothing to do...

There is certainly an overlap with LT as far as common members go Fetlife has been described as the kinky person's answer to Facebook How much information they ask for and how much you give them is entirely up to you - but there are obviously means by which you Fetlfe com be circumspect if you choose. The site has grown at an incredible rate since its inception as Fetlfe com has been seen to offer a viable alternative to some of the more established kinky sites that are purely designed as hook up platforms!

There are a number of people here who are also Fetlfe com of Fetlife - authors and readers alike. Can we make this a coming-out thread? My username on fetlife is leper.

I still haven't gotten used to how the groups work, but yeah, if creepy oversexed dudes with bad grammar isn't your thing, fetlife is the best online thing to happen to BDSM in a Fetlfe com. It's quirky and relaxed. TammyJo Eckart is a venerable erotica writer who posts kinky book reviews once a week to the site.

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May 20,7: The groups work pretty much the same way as they do here - you click to join the group and select any thread topic of interest to read and post within. Your personal pages keep tabs on the action in the group and your threads of interest. Oh, I know how it works, I just don't feel I can use it intuitively.

For starters there's no way to skim the newest posts regardless of group, and there are discussions I would Fetlfe com to follow that belong to groups I don't want to publicly join. So I still lurk the book club, for example. I don't like the inability to filter information; anyone who isn't blocked can see my FL profile and recent activity, and being part of a very active local scene, there are those I would prefer didn't have that access.

For someone who does NOT have a kink community, or whose community is not diverse, it can be a great resource for conversation with like-minded people from all walks. I guess that with any public forum, you run the Fetlfe com of someone you don't want reading about you, being able to do so.

You are given the opportunity to create an identity that can be as anonymous as you wish to make it. I know of people who have more than one on many different sites for that very reason. Fetlife is no different to any other in that respect.

Fetlfe com understand the comparison you're trying to make. I don't disagree that everyone should be aware that anything they put on the Internet has a chance of being read by someone they Fetlfe com tell that thing to directly.

My qualm with FL is that I believe a site that deals with more personal information than, say, Facebook, should have more privacy settings options, not fewer. It's fine if you want to go through the trouble of creating multiple online personas, and maintaining an anonymous Fetlfe com which still reflects your true self, but that's a balancing act I can't be bothered to attempt for the sake of a website.

If and when John and the crew are able to offer more options, I'll be more inclined to build a presence and a network there. I am brand new to Librarything 4 days old and came upon this group by chance.

I recently discovered Fetlife also by chance "Fetlfe com" joined as a free member. I must admit have certain fetishes and would like to explore them further. If you wish to know please ask. What I find is Fetlfe com it is very expensive to become a paying member and I think you basically are ignored as a free one. I also have trouble in loading my pic and I find the search criteria is Fetlfe com. Maybe I have not explored the site that well.

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But I cannot find a list of those who share my kinks. There are also too few women, many as in most adult websites, are actually men posing as Fetlfe com, and I have never received one message.

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