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Sexual orientation in sports


While, overall the trend is towards open acceptance, different sports vary in acceptance widely and homosexual athletes still face many challenges. International sports organizations have come under scrutiny for holding competitions in countries where LGBT equality is out of step with their own policies.

Heteronormativity can be seen as the dominant paradigm in sports culture, stemming all the way into children's athletics in school.

Wagner, III showed that male adolescents who participated in football were significantly more likely to hold homophobic attitudes than other peers their age. In a study on the well being of same-sex-attracted youth in the United States, Lindsey Wilkinson and Jennifer Pearson found that lower self-esteem and higher rates of depression Sexual orientation in sports same-sex attracted youth were correlated with the prevalence of football in high schools.

In spite of the apparent prevalence of homophobic thinking in athletic culture, recent scholars have documented an increasing trend toward openly gay athletes in high school and collegiate level sports.

This trend, however, has not been seen in professional sports, where homosexuality still remains largely stigmatized in the four major North American professional sports leagues. Only Jason Collins of the NBA has come out while active, and only nine players have come out after their careers were over: Sociologists who have examined the issue of lesbians in American sport in the s and s normally found overt and covert mechanisms of social discrimination.

However, homophobia has been on a rapid decline over previous decades, and studies show attitudes toward female homosexuality in sport have improved since the research conducted on lesbian athletes in the mids. Recent attempts by organizations such as the National Center for Lesbian Rights NCLR have also been made to break down homophobic attitudes in collegiate and professional team sports.

There is also a gender difference when it comes to the responses to male and female athletes who Sexual orientation in sports out as LGBT.

As a result, some LGBT...

Brittney Griner softened the blowback from announcing her sexuality, Sexual orientation in sports casually announcing her coming out in an interview almost immediately after being drafted into the WNBA. This was a month before Jason Collins came out and there was a media uproar for him while there was barely any coverage over Griner's announcement. The case of Jennifer Harris against Penn Statemore specifically their women's basketball coach Rene Portland brought change to the world of sports.

The advocacy group claimed that Portland was biased against lesbians for decades and Sexual orientation in sports a interview in which she claimed she talked to recruits and parents of recruits about lesbians stating, "I will not have it in my program. One of the earliest-recorded gay sports event organizing committees is the Federation of Gay Games initially known as the United States Gay Olympics Committeewhich was established in by Tom WaddellMark Brown and Paul Mart to organize the first Gay Games in San Francisco; another organization, Apollo - Friends in Sports, was established in to organize the Western Cup, a multi-sport event for gay and lesbian athletes in Calgary, Alberta.

Ina schism occurred between the Federation Sexual orientation in sports Gay Games and the Montreal organizing committee for the Gay Games, leading to the Montreal committee organizing a rival multi-sports event, the World Outgameswhich continues to the present.

The sponsoring organization for the Outgames, the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Associationhas also organized smaller, regional multi-sports events, including the North American and AsiaPacific Outgames. Inthe first gay rugby world cup games were created called the Bingham cup. These games were created in order to promote the game of Rugby as an all inclusive, global sport.

In DecemberThe received Toronto City Council approval to build a sport and recreation centre focused on sport inclusion.

All people, regardless of gender...

Paris Foot Gay was established in The first openly gay football team formed in the United Kingdom is Stonewall F. The first openly gay rugby team in the world, the Kings Cross Steelerswas formed Sexual orientation in sports in London. In "Sexual orientation in sports," Graces Cricket Club was organized as the first gay cricket club in the world.

The first decade of the 21st century saw two high-profile Welsh rugby union figures come out while active. First, ininternational referee Nigel Owens came out. Thomas was believed to be the first professional male player in a team sport to come out while active. InJustin Fashanu became the first openly gay British footballer. He died eight years later in The New York Ramblers was started in when an ad was placed in the Village Voice to gay men who wanted to play soccer as a team called the Rambles.

The first local gay tennis organizations were formed in Dallas and Los Angeles in Inthe West Hollywood Aquatics was formed as a swim and water polo team.

That same year, the West Hollywood Wrestling Club was organized as the first gay competitive wrestling team in the United States. The CEO James Felton Keith stated these sports franchises are some of the largest corporations in the area and they affect the overall social sentiment.

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