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Jack Franklin Orange was feeling serene as he sipped his coffee while he watched the rambunctious birds outside the living room window of his log home, nestled in the woods in B.

A veterinarian, Jack is a dedicated birdwatcher and, on a splendid day last summer, he was thoroughly engaged by their flurried flights. Jack's home is in the tiny community of Horsefly and its environs comprises a world breeding centre for Barrow's goldeneye -- a Jean dominique bauby wife sexual dysfunction duck -- and is thought to host British Columbia's only breeding colony of American white pelicans.

It's a favourite habitat for long-billed curlews, ring-billed gulls, grebes, Sandhill cranes, herring gulls and black terns. Jack savoured the splendour of the idyllic setting of his four-acre property, which borders a river and is perched over Horsefly Lake, named for the pesky, bountiful flying insects that populate the area in summer. It was the Saturday of the August long weekend and he had intended to do rather little.

The only task he was intent on completing that day involved hopping on his Honda Rubicon all-terrain vehicle "Jean dominique bauby wife sexual dysfunction" fetch firewood from nearby Horsefly Mountain.

His coffee cup empty, the year old Sudbury, Ont. Jack's wife, Hilda, was working on her computer in the den, a floor above, and when she realized she needed something from her desk in the basement, she descended the stairs. That's when she heard Jack call her, with an unusually faint voice.

Hilda frantically dialled and then anyone else she could summon for assistance. She rang neighbours, friends and her sister, who lived nearby, but no one was home; it was, after all, a gloriously warm and sunny holiday weekend at the height of summer. Their cabin in the woods is, as Hilda likes to say, "in no man's land.

A dispatcher told Hilda an ambulance was on its way, but Hilda felt helpless and horrified as she watched Jack sweating profusely and vomiting. She mistakenly thought Jack was suffering the effects of food poisoning from something he ate for breakfast. When the ambulance arrived, the crew of two loaded Jack on a stretcher and told Hilda to follow them.

She had managed to locate some friends and they drove with her. At Cariboo Memorial Hospital in Williams Lake, a doctor examined Jack and immediately knew he needed to get to a bigger hospital.

Since the CT scanner technician was not working that day, all the doctor could do was call for an air ambulance. Hilda didn't know what was going on or why Jack was being transferred to Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, but she realized the situation was dire.

Flying to Kamloops in the small aircraft, Hilda didn't realize her husband was in the "Jean dominique bauby wife sexual dysfunction" of a stroke, or that he was paralysed. Medical reports indicate the initial CT scan did not show any acute brain changes.

But a second scan, this time with dye injected into Jack's veins to show more detail, found his basilar artery, which supplies blood to the pons area of the brain stem, was blocked by a clot.

The brain stem is located where the spinal cord enters the skull. It is in the lower part of the brain; only about 15 per cent of strokes occur in the brain stem. It is the channel through which commands from the brain are sent to the rest of the body for movement and bodily functions.

While the far more common cerebral or brain stroke might involve one side of the brain and affect one side of the body, a stroke in the brain stem is potentially more catastrophic, usually affecting both sides of the body and almost always, speech, breathing and swallowing.

Worst of all, as Hilda Orange would learn, brain-stem strokes can leave victims with intact brains and sensations, so they think and feel everything, but they are left mute, defenceless and captive in their immobile bodies. Jack Orange, the veterinarian who had made his living for Jean dominique bauby wife sexual dysfunction years the last eight in B.

He could communicate only by blinking his eyes, once for yes and twice for no. The six-foot-six former college basketball champ, who would soon be inducted, in absentia, into his alma mater's sports hall of fame, had a condition that's been described as akin to being "buried alive," and as a "fate worse than death. Strokes occur when the brain gets either too little blood or too much because of a blood-vessel rupture or leak. Jack's stroke occurred when a clot formed in his heart and was swept up into his aorta and carried through his bloodstream into the basilar artery.

A brain needs 29 ounces of blood to pass through it every minute, and Jack's embolism -- the obstruction of an artery by a clot -- interrupted the normal flow of "Jean dominique bauby wife sexual dysfunction," depriving his brain cells of oxygen and other necessary nutrients. Injection of a clot-busting drug called tissue plasminogen activator TPA into the veins to dissolve blood clots has proven to be effective in mitigating Jean dominique bauby wife sexual dysfunction effects of strokes and increasing chances for a recovery.

The ideal window of opportunity within which to give such a drug is three hours. While stroke specialists at large hospitals like Vancouver General may be more aggressive and still give the drug several hours beyond the three hour window, it is not standard practice Jean dominique bauby wife sexual dysfunction smaller hospitals. Before the drug is given, a CT scan must be done to confirm the location, presence and type of clot, and at Cariboo Memorial Hospital in Williams Lake, where Jack was first taken, the CT scanner isn't operated on weekends and there is no neurologist to supervise the administration of such a drug.

In the Kamloops hospital, doctors intubated the paralysed man to protect his airways, and hooked him up to a ventilator for airway control. In this surreal situation, Hilda called her daughter Laurie from her first marriage in Ontario; Jack's year-old son, Jon, an elementary-school French-immersion teacher in Abbotsford; plus Jack's year-old daughter Sarah, in Sudbury, and year-old daughter, Jessie, in Windsor.

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