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Zheng bin hui wife sexual dysfunction


The concurrence Zheng bin hui wife sexual dysfunction chronic diseases and some well-defined risk factors significantly impacts the prevalence of erectile dysfunction ED. To determine whether late-onset hypogonadism LOH impacts the prevalence of ED using investigation reproductive health data of middle-aged and aging males in China. The 10th percentile of serum total testosterone TT and calculated free testosterone cFT levels of controls were set as cut-off levels of AD. The main outcome measures were used to assess the prevalence of LOH and ED according to different Zheng bin hui wife sexual dysfunction characteristics.

Of the subjects who completed the questionnaires who supplied hormone measurements, the prevalence of self-reported ED and identified by the IIEF-5 assessment were AD rates of ED subjects were We found that middle-aged and aging Chinese males were at a relatively high risk of ED. Hence, there is a general consensus that the prevalence ED gradually increases beginning in middle age. In addition, the incidence of ED increases with the occurrence of several chronic diseases e.

Among middle-aged and aging males, the prevalence of late-onset hypogonadism LOHwhich Zheng bin hui wife sexual dysfunction characterized by decreased libido and sexual function, also increases with age, as with ED. In the present study, we assessed the reproductive health status of middle-aged and aging males living in the township and rural communities of Fucheng County, Hebei Province, China, between August and November The study protocol was designed to assess the reproductive health of middle-aged and aging males and was approved by the academic committee and ethics committee of the National Research Institute for Family Planning of China Beijing, China.

This preliminary, experimental research was conducted at only one site in order to collect basic data in the preparation of a larger, multi-center, population-based study in China. All subjects submitted informed consent at the research site prior to participation in this study. Cluster and age-stratified sampling methods were used to assess the reproductive health status of middle-aged and aging males. The research site was located in Fucheng County, while cluster sampling was conducted in Gucheng Town.

On the basis of census data and a In addition, 59 participants aged years residing in the same region were recruited as control subjects.

The township subjects were governmental employees, while the rural subjects were farmers residing near Gucheng Town.

Juan He,#1 Hui-fang Xu,#2 Wei-bin...

Some of the study subjects did not adequately understand the questions in the survey. Therefore, in keeping with the survey criteria and the voluntary status of the subjects, each of the subjects was instructed to independently complete the self-assessment questionnaire Zheng bin hui wife sexual dysfunction submit data regarding age, health status, and lifestyle habits, as well as LOH status [two questionnaires: Although no validation of the IIEF-5 Chinese version was found in the literature at the time of this report, this questionnaire has been widely employed for many years in China.

According to the findings of Heinemann et al. Unfortunately, data describing co-morbidities i. Blood samples were collected in the morning The serum concentrations of total testosterone TT and luteinizing hormone LH were measured using magnetic-separation enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits Beijing Bio-Ekon Biotechnology Co. The proportion of serum free testosterone cFT and bio-available testosterone Bio-T Zheng bin hui wife sexual dysfunction calculated using the calculator available at http: All statistical analyses were performed using SPSS statistical software ver.

Because of the skewed distributions of hormone levels, we analyzed the data using nonparametric statistics. The mean hormone levels were reported as medians 50th percentile with 10th and 90th percentiles representing the upper and lower reference limits.

Logistic regression analysis was used to identify risk factors associated with ED. Serum reproductive hormone levels, variation status, and prevalence of LOH in middle-aged and aging subjects were assessed according to recent methods reported in and [ 910 ]. The 10th percentile of hormone levels of the controls was set as the cut-off level of AD. Serum TT and cFT cut-off levels were 9.