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Who is diamond the rapper hookup now


Amara tells TMZ, the haters who have lashed out at Spice are all wet for attacking Spice over a photo that was designed to mock those who believe light-skinned African American women are more beautiful than their dark-skinned counterparts. Amara says she gets it and supports Spice, because sometimes you gotta shake people to call attention to your cause. Atlanta" star Spice has a lot of people talking the day she's pushing out new music -- but they're not talking about her singing -- it's her white face.

Spice posted a pretty shocking image of herself with super light skin Monday along with a message about her new mixtape. A rep for Spice tells us there's a track on the mixtape called "Black Hypocrisy" -- thus the look. Fans were clearly not digging it, saying, "Wow I can't believe this, Spice!

Tommie Lee got her dumb ass hauled into jail Wednesday night for stalking of her own daughter Atlanta" star outdid herself, even by her own low standardsby getting arrested TWICE within 24 hours. The first bust came Tuesday night when she was booked for battery, aggravated assault and child cruelty. Apparently, she just couldn't stick with that program. She violated Who is diamond the rapper hookup now order by making contact with her daughter within 3 hours of getting out of jail.

Erica and her BF, Clifford Dixonwere hauled off to jail Friday in Johns Creek, GA -- about 27 miles outside of Atlanta -- after someone called cops from their home to report an argument getting out of hand. According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, one of Erica and Cliff's roommates heard them fighting upstairs and apparently heard someone get slapped.

Cops say they didn't see any visible marks on either person, but ended up busting Cliff when 2 different people reported he'd kicked through the door. He denied breaking it.

Rumours have swirled around Beyonce...

Cliff was arrested for criminal trespass because Erica told cops the property was in her name. Cardi B 's gonna have to share the spotlight If you're out of the fashion loop Philipp Plein 's a famous German designer who also has a stake in popular clothing brand Billionaire Couture.

They were there to perform.

Nelly has warned other rappers...

But, no doubt the show belonged to Hennessy. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Moniece filed a police report after she and Princess damn near got into a brawl while filming scenes this week. Moniece alleges Princess threw a rock and a shoe at her.

Sources close to Princess tell us she admits to chucking the rock, but insists it was Moniece who started the fight. Our sources say Princess and Ray J were at a friend's party during filming when Moniece showed up and started trash talking Princess.

Moniece took to Instagram and posted an injury pic on her Story When they can't get to you so they throw stones instead but your ninja reflexes are on fleek. Princess later took to social media and responded to Moniece saying, "I told this weirdo to meet me after the scene and she takes her sneakers off and runs through dirt in her socks right into securities arms.

During filming for an episode that aired last month, Moniece had to be physically restrained from throwing a chair at Princess, who was very pregnant at the time. Nicki Minaj was not the first person to fall victim to a wicked shoe hurling attack from Cardi B Cardi didn't like the explanation Asia gave when she was asked why she didn't like Cardi -- and without hesitation -- Cardi kicked off her shoe -- and a Who is diamond the rapper hookup now one at that -- and chucked it straight at Asia.

Cardi charged Nicki and her team -- cussing her out for shots Nicki's taken at Cardi and her family -- and when security intervened, Cardi took off her shoe and hurled it Nicki's way. Our sources say neither side will file a police reportand Nicki's unbothered by the whole situation.

The unmarked white tent touted...

Safaree says he isn't worried about potentially running into his ex, Nicki Minajon the red carpet at the VMAs Nicki also called out Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner over the weekend for working together to push his album sales past hers on the charts. Our guy also asks if he beefed up security to avoid any nasty run-ins with Nicki on the red carpet -- like MTV brass is already doing to accommodate the feuding exes -- but he insists he's only rolling deep as a result of his robbery earlier this year.

As far as who should get top-tier seating between Nicki, Travis and Kylie Safaree's got a pretty hilarious answer In the brief scene, the "Who is diamond the rapper hookup now" hat was in at least 6 different positions. Fans of the show noticed, then made sure the Internet noticed.

Viral video and meme hilarity ensued. Ray J questions Safaree about him and Lyrica.

Plies' Fitted Chain

A post shared by Joey omfgrealitytv on Aug 6, at 6: Ray gently put the blame on editing, as he revealed exactly how long they were actually shooting the scene. Considering the hat has stolen the spotlight, Ray tells us it could be getting a bigger role in upcoming episodes. As he puts it We got Faith and Stevie talking for the first time about their surprise Las Vegas wedding.

They insist the hookup is NOT a publicity stunt, and explained why they decided to go all the way. As we reported, some family members are pissed they didn't get Who is diamond the rapper hookup now heads-up.

They got really excited though when we asked if they plan to have babies.

You gotta see Faith declare her baby factory is open for biz. Looks like they got in a damn good dress rehearsal while shooting the "A Minute" music video. Fiddy filed his response to Teairra's revenge porn lawsuit, and in the docs he says the image he posted -- showing Teairra with ejaculate on her face -- was already all over the Internet when he reposted it.

He says the fact others beat him to the punch protects him legally.

In flagrante delicto, in Latin. Who is diamond the rapper hookup now wants the case tossed. As we've reported, Teairra is also suing her ex-bf, Akbar Abdul-Ahad.

Safaree Samuels was screwed from the get-go when he was robbed at gunpoint -- not only did he know one of the alleged assailants, but the dudes were tracking his every move before the hit. Sources connected to the case tell TMZ We're told it's unclear when the device was planted, but cops believe it's how the robbers pinpointed Safaree.

Interestingly enough, our sources say this tracking technique is one that's been used by authorities in NYC as of late We're told these GPS devices have been getting used more and more in high-profile stickups. A third man has also been arrested in connection with the crime.

Karlie got engaged last week to her boyfriend, Moduring her single release party. Sources tell us the ring Mo used to pop the question to the "Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta" star was embedded with 18 carats in just diamonds alone. They've only been dating for a few months. Email Or Call Home Love And Hip Hop. As expected, a huge fight broke out. The unmarked white tent touted two microphones – one wireless, one corded – complimented by an underwhelming speaker setup.

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