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Tekst piosenki sexualna niebezpieczna po rusku


Czy ktos z Was kojarzy moze jakis herb z roza rozokrzyzowcow? Ja znalazlam dwa zwiazane z rodem Groenwald.

Would he want everyone to know the truth? I was going to be a leader instead. But I AM a martyr. Make my death mean something. I told you many were trying to get my material and use it. Now you see many coming out with it, but watch out, you can tell which are genuine and which are charlatans. Heart energy is love energy. There is no anger in it, there is no vengeance. There is no darkness. There is no deceit. The energy that attacked me was from a group- many people- working together to take me out.

His attacks were ramped up in the weeks up to my death. But I prevailed through them. The last one was too strong though- it was the first time I actually feared defeat.

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