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Patrick rocca

It is seven years since...

Niamh Horan Twitter Email. It is seven years since the suicide of Patrick Rocca.

Patrick Rocca and Andy Elder...

His wife Annette has often asked herself: To an outsider, the respected businessman appeared to Patrick rocca it all. And when the economic crash took hold, society scrambled to find meaning. For the New York Times, his suicide was an example of the steep personal toll of global recession. But for the woman closest to him, the superficial reports didn't tie in with the Patrick that she knew.

Patrick rocca what she went on to learn in the weeks and months following his death made her realise that suicide is rarely bound up in such a simplistic explanation. It is an amalgamation of things. And in the reality, it was only when I started investigating, I realised it wasn't just the [financial] institutions… there were Patrick rocca lot of other elements which would have affected his state of mind, God love him.

Speaking for the Patrick rocca time since her husband's death, Annette wants people to stop relying on simplistic explanations when a person takes their own life.

She explains that, although Patrick gave off a gregarious air - the life and soul of the party - in reality, he was hiding a torrent of pain and turmoil.

Everyone who ever experienced suicide has Patrick rocca own story. Annette went on to stress that people should stop viewing suicide as a selfish "Patrick rocca." She explains that as a society we need a greater Patrick rocca of such a deeply personal and complex issue. People who believe that are simply uneducated about such a complex issue.

And that's the way I feel. In her evidence at the time of the inquest, Annette said that her husband had not been sleeping well and on the morning of January 19 had got out of bed to work in the early hours.

He returned to bed at 7am and was still there when she was dropping their two young boys to school. However, when she returned at 8. She saw their gardener outside and asked him had he seen Patrick.

But she found him lying in the garden, lifeless. Ms Rocca explained that the conversation around mental health is slowly changing in Ireland as people are more willing to openly discuss their feelings. Even more than we did in when Patrick went through what he did.

And it is very important because the more people who get out there and talk about it, the more we can prevent it.

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And if we can save lives by talking about it, then that is Patrick rocca least something good for the family. If Patrick rocca out there is going through what we have gone through, all I can say is just to be strong. There is light at the end of the tunnel. In your own time, you will get through all the stages of grief - whether it be anger or depression - and you will have your good days and your bad days but you really have to pull through it.

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