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Fling customer service phone number


Hello, yesterday my credit card is used for 49 dollars without my notice. It was about Fling customer service phone number. I don't know the membership and I didn't subscribe to any types of membership on fling. Today, when I check my credit card statement, immediately I opted out of the fling. Is this really whats happening after i payd that??

Its really stupid that someone pays for a service, if its like i imagine now, that its for a very restricted time Thank goodness it was declined. I am extremely dissatisfied with your services and not only want auto sub to be disabled but I also want my account to We did not use your service, but we are charged for it on my credit card; We went straight through the police dept.

The date was March 14 and the phone number that was given waswhen it called that number they said they were not taken any phone calls only on Internet. I tried to get a hold Fling customer service phone number you people to cancel my subscription.

I am very unpleased about your services.

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