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Basketball press breakers vs man to man sexual harassment


The problems go beyond simply playing players that have been accused of violence and sexual misconduct. The Athletic Department actively tried to suppress the information and allowed coaches, as opposed to administrators of Title IX investigators, to handle the punishments.

Informer player Travis Walton, who Basketball press breakers vs man to man sexual harassment then a graduate assistant with the program, was accused of knocking out a woman in a bar after hitting her twice in the head. He was allowed to travel to the Final Four with the team that season. That allegedly occurred in Feb. Then in the fall of that year, before the start of the season, then-freshmen Adreian Payne and Keith Appling were accused by a student of sexual assault.

It was investigated by police — Payne was even brought in for questioning — but no charges were filed in that case. The victim eventually brought legal action against the school as a result. Michigan State released this statement: Every day, people across campus are working diligently on this critical issue.

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