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Devil may cry ebony and ivory airsoft guns


Log in or Sign up. Nov 21, 1. I need help creating these two pistols The right-handed white gun, Ivory, was custom built for rapid firing and fast draw times, while the left-handed black gun, Ebony, has been modified for long-distance targeting and comfort.

In Devil May Cry 3, upgrading it raises its max firepower. Both pistols have been modified with pivot-style triggers as opposed to the 's usual straight-pull trigger Both feature custom sight systems; Ebony uses a set of target sights, while Ivory uses a pair of combat sights Both feature ported muzzle compensators that reduce recoil and counteract muzzle flip.

Both barrels are extend through the compensators and are Devil may cry ebony and ivory airsoft guns to match the cuts in the compensators. Both use custom slides that have been noticeably thickened and reinforced along the slide travel rails and around the chamber and firing mechanism. Rails have been bolted to the forward portion of both frames. These rails are used to hold the compensators in place.

Both use double-stack magazines with slam-pads. Both have gold-plated magazine releases, hammers, safety switches and triggers.

Ebony features a hooked, two-handed trigger-guard, while Ivory uses a more traditional rounded trigger-guard. Both weapons use ergonomic wood grips which are inlaid with portraits of Victorian women; as befits their names, Ebony's is dark-haired, and Ivory's is fair-haired. Ebony's Ejection port is located on the left side of the weapon, as opposed to the right side as Ebony is meant to be used left-handed, this causes spent brass to be ejected away from Dante.

The airsoft version of these two unique guns will be as followed: Any help would be greatly appreciated. KaintheZombiekillerNov 21, Nov 21, 2. Da-ninjabreadmanNov 21, Nov 21, 3. FinalencounterNov 21, Nov 21, 4. I would love to know the plan to get all "Devil may cry ebony and ivory airsoft guns" this to fit into an M BlueReaper46Nov 21, Nov 21, 5.

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I'm sure you could make the guns look right, but getting them to perform right would be tough If you went with a GBB over an electric one you could easily buy a good Hi-Cappa as the base gun. Then change out the externals as you find the parts you want. Nov 21, 6. Nov 21, 7. The grips wouldn't work. Hi-capas and standard s use completely different grip sets. These pistols use grips, not the on piece set that a hi-capa uses.

ShadyNov 21, Nov 21, 8.

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