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You may be a little bit lost, eheh. You all brighten um my dashboard every single day. As soon as Misha finishes the line, Jensen begins counting in his head.

Peter found out about a ritual, making him invincible and stronger than ever before. I unfolded and scanned it. My mom stood right behind me, observing it as well. It showed an old map Intimidating stare gif tumblr the solar system, centuries ago.

What did it mean? I looked at it for a very long time, observing every corner, every sign of the map, and then suddenly it clicked. My expressions changed from confusion to fear when I finally realized what possibilities this map would open up to Pan. I took the map and opened it out on a tree stump to my left, my mom followed me but gave me a confused look. When those two powers unite, the magic from all over the world will be set free for one single hour that night, during that Intimidating stare gif tumblr almost everything will be possible.

When this power falls upon the wrong "Intimidating stare gif tumblr," like Peter Pan, they might do very bad things to the world we know. Tonight Peter will get his possibility to change the world, and himself. He could do whatever he wants and not only to us. We have to stop him! Peter Pan was dangerous, even without the ritual he would go through that night he was nearly unbeatable. She turned towards me, then pulled something out of her jacket and showed a tiny box to me.

Whatever, everything that matters now is to stop Pan. Where are we going? She turned towards me and handed over a knife to me. I know a special place, where Pan might perform the ritual. The place where his destiny shows itself to him. Then where is Intimidating stare gif tumblr When we arrived on the island directly on the back of the giant rock, shaped like a skull, we could already see the lost boys waiting for us. I thought he was stronger than anyone else.

You have to know, his magic is fading. He knew that this day would come and was searching for something to help him eversince, and now that he found it the whole world might be in danger.

GIF. “You think things are...

She clenched her fist. It formed a enormous cloud around the Lost Boys, and suddenly they all lay on the ground. When we reached stairs, leading to the next story we were stopped by a invisible forcefield right in front of us. When I arrived on top, I saw him standing in front of a huge window watching sun and moon, moving closer and closer towards each other.

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I turned around falling onto my knees besides her. I threw the flames at him, that built a burning cage around him. As he tried to touch, Intimidating stare gif tumblr go through it he was thrown back by the power of the magic.

He tried to fly over the high flames, but he was too weak already. I knelt down besides her putting my hand on her forehead, letting my healing powers go. When she woke up, she sucked in heavy breathes before catching herself again.

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