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Things to do on sleepovers with your best friend

Friendship is such a wonderful...

Is your best friend coming over for the night? Are you at a loss as to how to have fun?

Just because you have only one friend over doesn't mean the party has to be any less exciting. Sometimes spending time with just one person can be the most meaningful, and it gives you the opportunity to come up with a lot of creative, "Things to do on sleepovers with your best friend" ideas and try them out. Ask your friend what he or she likes to do, be flexible, and have fun!

To have fun at a sleepover with just one friend, build a fort out of blankets, pillows, and chairs, then enjoy playing inside your new building. Alternatively, set up a photo booth by taping some wrapping paper to the wall and finding a few funny props to use.

Then, set up the camera so you can both be in the picture or take pictures of each other in different poses. If you'd rather play games, try a classic sleepover game like truth or dare, or go for a card game such as "Old Maid.

Bersenang senang dengan Teman yang Sedang Menginap. Grab some blankets, chairs, and clothes pins or pillows and begin making an awesome blanket fort in your living room or bedroom. After your fort is complete, throw some pillows and blankets on the floor and crawl underneath it.

It could be fun as well to string some lights in your fort. Ask your parents for extra scraps of fabric, ribbon, glue, beads, buttons and any other items they have lying around the house.

Then, come up with some Things to do on sleepovers with your best friend things you can make with your friend! Here are some examples: Friendship bracelets Pasta art grab some noodles and make words with them! Paper chain necklaces Wreaths for the door [2] Cards for family or friends. See what's in your fridge and pantry and mix up some delicious chocolate chip or sugar cookies.

Ask your parents for their recipe book or find some great recipes online. Create a photo booth.

If the thought of sleepover...

Grab some fun props, a camera, and wrapping paper and take lots of great pictures. Tape the wrapping paper to the wall and take pictures of each other with silly props, or set up a camera so that you can both be in the picture.

Make a movie or music video. Silly, pointless and all around goofy videos will keep you up laughing. Get a digital camera, video camera or anything to record and do whatever you want "Things to do on sleepovers with your best friend" the movie!

Laugh, sing, dance, tell jokes, and have a blast. Put on your favorite songs, turn the music up, and have a dance party in your house. Paint each other's nails. Have an array of nail polish colors set out to choose from and pick one for your nails.

Let your friend paint your nails and you can paint hers. Do each other's hair. Get out the hair supplies, straightener, curling iron, and hairspray and create a fun hairstyle for your friend. You can go crazy and wild, or fun and cute.

Try out different hair styles with each other and take tons of pictures. Give each other facials. Either make your own facial mask or buy one at the store and give each other relaxing facials.

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