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Sexually harassed uncle singapore youtube


It was the second in a three part series starring Toh, where he plays an uncle in search of the perfect job. With his permanently furrowed brow, black Casio watch and crinkled white polo tee, Toh fits the part of a disgruntled uncle to a T. Within a week, the video garnered over 3 million views on YouTube.

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Back then, Toh had zero acting experience. He was simply a freelance sound engineer who happened to be friends with the right people at the right time. He said he needed help with a script. Nicholas had turned to Toh out of desperation.

"Indians have reacted with anger...

A ll Toh had to do was come in and read the script like a local would. To make it work, Nicholas had to be stationed on the side of the camera so that Toh could act out his lines to him instead of the camera.

When the shoot was done, Toh packed up and went home, unaware of what was soon to come. In following days, he started getting calls from various media outlets for interviews and even appeared on the front page of the Sunday Times. Once, he recalls, he was eating Mala with a friend when a guy, fresh out of army came up and saluted him.

Journalist: Gabriel Zamfir sexually-harassed-gay-man-train...

I felt very cheated and exploited but what to do. I had already done it. One time, Toh happened to be passing by a photo booth when the photographer recognised him and asked for a picture. Upon hearing that, Toh promptly headed back into the venue, took his bag and left via a side exit.

"Indians have reacted with anger...

For his own sake, Toh actively avoids reading the comments that people post on YouTube and remains highly selective about who he accepts as friend on Facebook. The only time he responded to a comment was when he was accused of being gay and impotent.

How can people say things like that? This is his first, and perhaps only, acting role. After all, he is every bit an uncle as the characters he plays. His favourite pastime is fishing, and his favourite food is char kway teow and ice lemon tea. He curses and swears at his friends, and prefers slippers and leaving his hair in a mess. Although he would love to act in say, a sentimental or serious role, he understands how much audiences love and relate to his portrayal of the quinessential uncle.

If they feel that there is a need to deliver a message through my character then go for it.

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