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Random hook up rules


By gooprincessMay 18, in General Discussion. I just did a random hookup with some guy, and he invited another girl, suddenly the other girl got up and the guy teleported away and the girl started asking me a bunch of questions.

I'm a bit new, but I Random hook up rules think I did anything wrong. I'm wondering if I did anything wrong. I wouldn't think to much on it.

Who knows what happened. Maybe his wife walked in, his kids, maybe he was bored, maybe his SL gf came online and he rushed home to see her.

Not worthy of to much thought. Move on and have fun. I find this happens a lot with random encounters, whether for sex or just "Random hook up rules" out. Not everyone takes this serious or considers there are people behind the avatars. It's kind of like an RL where you also happen to run into rude people a lot.

No, always remember this is your SL and you are allowed to live it any way you please, you can never do anything wrong as long as you are true to yourself and what your goals for SL are. That being said you have to give others the same freedom. People can go offline for reasons such as a crashed computer or power failure or loss of internet signal.

About once a month my router just stops working until I unplug it and let it restart. Likely he crashed or something happened in real life that took him away. It happens a lot and to most people, I think. Please do remember as you go through your second life, you have no obligation to answer questions that make you uncomfortable, or even to stay in situations that make you feel bad.

You have the ability to teleport away, or even to log out, nobody decent will ever think less of you should you do that. Ok so there is no way to know for sure what happened, Random hook up rules reading over this again I am struck with a possible scenario.

Dedicated to your stories and...

You meet random guy and the two of you agree to hook up, what you do not know is that random guy has a GF who Random hook up rules opposed to him hooking up. He bolts, but she sticks around to ask you things because she just caught you with her boyfriend and she wants to know the extent of your involvement with him. Of course even if this is what happened, you did nothing wrong in the situation, you didn't know he had a girlfriend.

I once had a similar situation, I go to this guys apartment, we do our thing, when we are done he TPs out and leaves me there. She starts asking me why I was there, had he been there, what did we do.

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Random hook up rules

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