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Maki horikita dating with ikuta toma tumblr


Log in No account? But this line was said by Oguri Shun-san from the Tokyo prefecture. It's like a scream from his heart.

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LOL Oguri-kun is such a dork. It's his third appearance! Really, thank you very much! On his last appearance, we had already received about mails in the middle of the broadcast and we couldn't introduce most of the mails, that's why this time we wanted to introduce as many as we could.

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Among the mails, there was one saying "Try this mentality test". It was a test where you have to close your eyes for 10 seconds and try to remember the face of 5 women and if you do that you'd unconsciously see which woman is the one you like.

We both immediately tried it, closed our eyes and started counting to But the truth is that this mentality test was "aaall just a lie, gotchaaa!

The staff had planned to let another special guest enter the radio show, while we two were closing our eyes. The special guest also appears with me in "RinoKimi", it was "Horikita Maki-san"!

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She finally came just before the last episode! When we ended counting to 10 and opened our eyes, I was so surprised to see Horikita-san, so I said "Today, I somehow had the feeling you'd come", although I had no idea.

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