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Homosexual man delivered


Homosexuality has its roots with the evolution of mankind. There are different theories behind same sex behaviour among which H-Y antigens and fraternal birth order defect with same sex play in male gives a promising understanding of homosexuality. These sexual minorities have higher chances Homosexual man delivered practising high-risk behaviour and psychosocial implications with concurrent complications.

Sexual minorities face multiple challenges in the society largely due to its perceived social stigmata.

Health education and awareness targeted to individuals and society as a whole; is one of the best approaches to minimize these implications and improve the health status of sexual minorities.

Emtricitabine and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate.

Does “sexual orientation” change? Do...

Homosexuality is the same sex behaviour within the animal species. Nature has created clear distinction in higher animals in terms of male and female partners. The ultimate goal of life is to re-produce by means of which it is possible to give the continuity of race in nature. Based on this principle, animal behaviour is directed directly and indirectly to re-produce and maintain the gene pool. The traditional belief of male and female partners and subsequent marriage in society was incorporated in society and different religion, which was directly challenged by homosexual interactions.

The ethical and moral discussions Homosexual man delivered based on natural Homosexual man delivered and religious understandings.

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Homosexual man delivered There is a vast difference in opinions regarding homosexuality. Homosexuality in humans has been center of the broad discussions and widely accepted by many societies in the recent times. There are different theories regarding the homosexual behaviour in humans. These theories incorporate chemical, social and personal Homosexual man delivered behind the same sex attractions. We have come up with many studies and findings to explain same sex behaviour and understand it.

Some of them give convincing evidences with proper explanation of homosexuality, which helps us to broaden our knowledge and incorporate sexual minorities into mainstream social role-play.

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The rational of homosexuality is attributed with Y-linked minor histocompatibility antigens H-Y antigens. The concurrent pregnancy with male fetus will immunize the mother with this antigen leading to production of antibodies that are capable of crossing into fetal circulation [ 1 ].

Therefore increase in the number of the same sex siblings in male is associated with homosexual behaviour. This observation is supported by a hypothesis that fetus receives the anti-H-Y antibodies from mother, causing an alteration of sexual differential "Homosexual man delivered" the brain of these fetuses. This can be proven by a decrease in the observed weight of homosexual males with older brothers in comparison to heterosexual males [ 2 ]. This behaviour of perceived likelihood of homosexual orientation with direct increase in same sex sibling count Homosexual man delivered referred as fraternal birth order defect.

There is also direct link of right and lefthandedness in homosexual behaviour. The presence of elder sibling will increase the chances of homosexual behaviour in right-handed males; probably due to insensitive nature of the non right-handed males to the maternal antibodies or absence Homosexual man delivered these antibodies in mothers in these groups [ 3 ].

One of the probable reasons of fraternal homosexual behaviour is same sex play with male siblings. But this has not been proven and established in terms of same sex orientations in females, as samesex play have not been found to alter the sexual preference in them.

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