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Dating a girl with fake breasts


Also, implants are so nasty. I was watching Dr. Now, would you like to look at those? Those are usually made by the cheap doctors where as the expensive doctors make it look somewhat real. Back in my dating days i'm married now I would never date a girl with breast implants. For some reason, they just seemed too fake and too distracting for me to get to know the girl. I also thought that girls who got implants lacked confidence in themselves and weren't comfortable with the way they looked.

I know that's not the case with every girl who gets them, but that's how I viewed it. Would you date a girl with implants? Unless they were done very discretely and didn't look like a pair of melons with enough room to drive a bus in between Probably not, so far the opportunity hasn't arisen, I don't know many Dating a girl with fake breasts olds that have implants Breast size really doesent mean much to me, but if a girl wants a boob job and she can pay for it, why not?

Nope, cuz the type of girl that would get implants unless it's a medical type "Dating a girl with fake breasts" like completely different breast cup sizes are the ones where your number on her "Guys I've slept with list.

Meh, depends on what she's like obvious answer I know. I agree with a previous poster that warning signals might go off, obviously because there's a chance the boob job might be indicative of all kinds of things you don't know about, like lack of self confidence, bad self image or just being high maintainance.

But on the other hand, everyone's got baggage "Dating a girl with fake breasts" that's probably not a major issue plus you never know, for some women with particularly small breasts, it's the type of the modification that can make them more confident and is generally an all round positive thing.

So I guess in the end, you're not particularly going to be able to make a judgement on whether they're good going out material or not based on their breasts.

Fake boobs are a huge turnoff. Once you figured out someone got them, you go "Oh she's just trying to impress the guys and was unconfortable about her normal boobs", then I just forget the girl.

Say, you're dating a woman...

It's a sad thing when there's a hot celebrity you've been tracking for a while, then later figure out her boobs were fake Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion.

Breesy Follow Forum Posts: Of course id date her After that i dunno. Bubba-louiy Follow Forum Posts: I like it all natuREAL. If she was attracted to me and I can Dating a girl with fake breasts a good conversation with her Mercury88 Follow Forum Posts: OfficialJab Follow Forum Posts: If I liked her GettingTired Follow Forum Posts: I wouldn't go out with someone who caved under societies pressure and seek attention to that extent.

No cause I'm not bi or gay. No im all natural: The bigger the better. Yeah, I wouldn't mind. Natural beats plastic any day.

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