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Bisexuality erasure


I spent my whole life held back by bi-erasure. It kept me down, resting on my laurels, before I came out of the closet. Bi-erasure, or bisexual erasure, is the tendency for society to ignore, remove, falsify, or re-explain evidence of Bisexuality erasure. In its most extreme form, it denies that bisexuality exists and damns the idea of personal, sexual identification. Throughout my formative years, I was unable to explore part of my chemical make-up that I felt no one — on TV or in school — shared.

The part of me that meant I had an emotional and physical attraction to both sexes. When the media passed comment on bisexuality, it seemed to say three things: The friend who drank half a bottle of vodka before confessing she wanted to break up with Bisexuality erasure boyfriend for me. There was the questioning classmate who called me a lesbian when I said Bisexuality erasure thought Natalie Portman was wife material.

Bisexual Erasure Is A Thing...

The arrival of Bisexuality erasure duo t. Did the content itself offend me? Seeing girls kiss affirmed many desires. The trouble is, the duo — plucked from normality by advertising guru Ivan Shapovalov — capitalised on the sexualisation of women being intimate with "Bisexuality erasure" women.

Truth be told, turning the frat boy, faux-lesbian trope into a profitable pop act was Mad Men manoeuvring at its finest.

Bi-erasure, or bisexual erasure, is...

When Yulia went on to confirm her bisexuality in an interview years later, it seemed no-one really cared. And that confused me.

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