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Are u in love with him quiz


Only with one other guy. Disappointed, but I'd understand that he can talk to whomever makes him happy. So special and warm and happy Like I'm not sure what actually happened. It sucks waking up. Yes, but not often. I don't think about him. Replay all the great moments you've had.

Can't help but smile. It makes you giddy to the point you might grab your face and shake your head Just smile and sigh.

For the most part, it's simple. It would take forever, but yes. Do you know much about him? I know most of it. I know some of it. His quirks and mannerisms I can't place it I'm just so attracted. Mostly his looks, but his personality isn't bad. The way he makes me feel - so happy and optimistic!

I've stressed the importance of being honest with yourself while taking this quiz. If you haven't, save yourself from false hope and go back and take it again. Can you imagine yourself with him? Not in some fantasy place where the sun is setting, or dancing under a starlit sky, or kissing in the rain. Big moments are very important - but I mean, can you imagine yourself with him on an everyday basis? Coming home from work to see him, cooking breakfast together, going shopping for baby clothes?

Can you picture what he'd say or do? Do those things match up to his personality? Only the fantasy stuff. For the most part, everything he'd say or do would match up with his personality. You have the possibility to design the text. So im in love. I have told him I had a crush on him, he said he was "attracted" to me for some time but he stopped bus he didn't Are u in love with him quiz to make our friend mad. Me and our friend dated for like 3 weeks but I only liked him as a friend but he likes Are u in love with him quiz more.

I lied to him and said I turned off a switch that allows me to get rid of those feelings. If that were even true. We has started to talk almost every night and we became very close friends.

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But during that time I fell in love. My friend says that he likes me back bcs he lied about not liking me. She had confronted him about the subject and he actually listens to her. And that never happens. The only bad part about it is that she told him I had a huge crush on him. I don't mind bus he knows that I will beat the carp out of him if he says anything to somebody.

Tho I doubt he would even do that.

Sorry, below it auto filled anonymous as my name and i never changed it. I just dreamed about him last night, and do most nights. I am in high school, and he is in middle school, although he goes to a private school because he was bullied at my school. I see him every day, and we are extremely close friends.

Its complicated to answer these questions cuz like for example yeah i could see myself with him in realistic ways but its not ACTUALLY realistic cuz hes GAY but unfortunately i still love him Im happy to be his friend though. Human bean, it is easier tolove fictional characters. I get what you feel tho. I like this girl, and I'm totally delusional without love.

You can always try to digest those butterflies, or you can do what I'm doing and melt inside whenever she talks to me, OR you can ask her straight forward if she likes you.

I know my advice sucks, I am the most single person on Are u in love with him quiz planet. I don't know what I should do. Recently I met a quirky and eccentric girl, everything about her from her cheeky smile to her adorable habits are all things I'm starting to love more and more every day. I can't help but constantly think about her, but the thing is that I'm also a girl. I always thought that I would fall for some guy and spend the rest of my life with him, but now I can't imagine my life without her.

She's so hard to figure out, when we tease one another and joke around with sexual jokes the atmosphere between us becomes thick and there's some sort of tension that never really leaves.

Whenever we're alone she acts differently, she acts more open about herself and her much cuter side seeps out. I find her so undeniably attractive and I always have a tightening pain in my chest whenever I'm near her. I have no clue if she actually might like me back or if I'm just being deluded by love. I like fictional characters!!! I am completely in love with my best friend. I told him I liked him once and he just brushed me off.

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We are both really into the chivalry thing you know, boy does things for girl. Boy opens door for girl and lately he has been acting chivalrous to the absolutes. Theres this boy my friend introduced to me since hes my friend's friend i figured getting along with him would be good so we started playing games together and we basically just got to know one another only by a Are u in love with him quiz cause our seats are waaay apart then there was a time where i figured making him feel very cringey around me would be a good laugh kinda like a gay joke or something but by the time i do he went along with the joke and kept continuing it for weeks he would go and give me weird cringey kisses call me stuff like "honeybabe" at that time i actually never felt anything for him But then when i think long and hard about it there just came this weird feeling and i want it GONE cause i tell you man A girl with feelings From his laugh to his fidgety habits.

The sparks that light up in his eyes when he looks into mine. I constantly feel more and more connected to him everyday. I love how we can comfortably cuddle on the couch with his dogs and forget the world exists. The only thing between us is distance, yet my feelings manage their way through that barrier.

So im in love. I...

He is and will always have a place in my heart. Whether he stays or leaves. The Are u in love with him quiz forever will remain. I pray that no matter what happens, he will find happiness in himself and not look for it in others. I don't know how to express my feelings with words, so let my actions describe them for my tongue twisted self. I will hold you close when you're at your worst, I will help you shine when you're at your best, I will never put my feelings above yours and I will risk it all, just for the chance for your happiness.

I am lucky when I get the chance to hold your hand, your gentle kisses mean nothing without your emotions. You are my everything and more.

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