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How to meet rich people


Getting There has, thankfully, been well received and people are incredibly interested in what my subjects have to say — How to meet rich people, by far, the most common question I get is: How did you manage to land "How to meet rich people" people??!! First, understand the lay of the land: Most luminaries are extremely busy. They receive multiple requests every day for interviews, speaking engagements, new business opportunities, charity functions, you name it, not to mention the obligations they have with their careers, families, and personal lives.

Understandably, there are simply not enough hours in the day for them to say yes to everything. Next, toss your ego out the window. Know that you can lead a horse to water, but the biggest hurdle is making sure the horse knows that the water is in front of its face. You must get your request noticed by the decision maker.

If you have any connection at all, use it. The assistant, who works closely with him every day, made sure he saw my request.

Make yourself as human as possible — the less human you appear, the easier it is for someone to reject you. If you can figure out a way to run into your target in a not stalkerish way, try to do so — for example at a party or event.

I usually introduce myself, give a one or two sentence pitch, and then ask whom I should contact with more details. I then happened to see Koons at an art event in NYC.

I went right up to him, told him about my book and that I had already contacted his office to no avail — so I needed to know exactly who to reach out to. We briefly discussed his participation in my upcoming book and he told me to contact you with the details. I got the chef How to meet rich people Boulud and Warren Buffett to participate in a similar way. Check out this article for a detailed account of how I asked Buffett.

Always use the name of the person you are corresponding with since it makes for a more personal connection. She tried to contact his office on my behalf to make the introduction but was ignored.

When I checked in with her to come up with a Plan B, she told me Yunus happened to be in town giving a speech at a hotel. I lurked in the lobby until he was done, made my pitch while following him out to get a taxi, and snapped his photo in case he eventually agreed to participate in Getting There after all, he lives in Bangladesh.

I then pursued him for over a year and a half to get a phone interview — all the while bouncing among about five different assistants at two different offices. If the front door is locked, try the back door; if the back door is locked, try the side door; if the side door is locked, try crawling How to meet rich people a window. Someone might answer this time!

I am talking about ways in — avenues — like a publicist, an agent, an employee, someone who once did business with the person, a friend of a friend of a friend…. I rarely dealt with just one employee and one door. When someone ignored me repeatedly or rejected me, I switched to someone else and acted like nothing had ever happened — I never mentioned I was previously ignored or rejected.

A lot of times your target never even saw your request — an employee rejected it instead.

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