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Dating girl with acne


Posted October 12, All of a sudden, I started breaking out again, but I'd already made plans to do all sorts of things and go all sorts of places that I feel gross doing now that I have pimples everywhere again! I feel "Dating girl with acne" because our relationship is pretty new still, so I don't want to be all disgusting around him! He'd never seen me without makeup until those weeks and it was so relaxing and stress-free that it's hard for me to go back to having to cover up my skin all the time again.

It's just so embarrassing! I don't want to meet his friends looking like this and have them think he picked someone ridiculously ugly haha.

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Honestly, how would you guys react if you were dating someone with acne? Would you be completely disgusted by them or think that all the hot girls walking by are such a better catch? Doesnt faze me one bit. I think when I was younger and I didnt have any skin issues, I saw acne is that "gross, they dont take care of themselves" type of thing. But after what ive gone through the past 4 years, that was the most ridiculous thought. In fact, I would say that people with acne or really any skin condition, "Dating girl with acne" care of themselves MORE than people with clear perfect skin.

So to answer your question, I am starting to prefer a woman with skin issues nothing crazy infected severe but something mild like Dating girl with acne, that we can relate to together.

I just think having a woman with clear perfect skin that has never had any issues with before wouldnt know how to react when we are having a bad skin day and we're in one of those moods. And dont think that when you meet his friends will they think you are ugly because of your skin. Just act like it doesnt bother you, pretend its non existent, and be yourself, and they wont notice it either.

Posted October 12, edited. No one likes acne So lets start there. And I don't want it any more then I want it for "Dating girl with acne" girlfriend.

But there comes a point in the relationship where stuff like this doesn't matter as much. Or atleast shouldn't But in saying that I Dating girl with acne where you're coming from. The whole not wanting to be around him that much or his friends.

I've felt like this myself at times. But they will either accept you and not care about the acne or they will not. And if they don't accept you, well you might want to ask yourself the question: I take these supplements daily to keep my skin at an acceptable level: Nobody likes acne period, but it really depends on the guy.

Most guys seem very shallow about acne because girls are 'suppose to look perfect all the time'. I beg to differ. There a a few guys who will be nice to you, but it gets to a point where all guys have avoided me because my acne got so severe.

I would just get ignored, they would be nice to me if I asked something, but I wouldn't be talked to if I didn't start a conversation. Girls have been the exact same way to me as well. The psychological effects of acne are horrible, it's definitely caused me to isolate myself from a typical normal teenage life I remember back in high school this girl i was with, she had quite a bit of acne.

The thing is though there was others who were like why's he with her etc. I guess it's down to individuals, some people are shallow some ain't.