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Myths about older adults and sexuality


We all have different perceptions when we hear the word "sexuality. Sexuality is experienced and expressed in thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviours, practices, roles, and relationships. Regardless of age, sexuality can evoke sentiments of joy, romance, affection, and feelings of closeness and being "Myths about older adults and sexuality" and valued as a human being.

Within health care settings and senior living communities, sexuality can be regarded as a delicate topic, and discussions of patient and resident sexuality often create hesitance and discomfort in employees. As a health care educator, it has been my experience that discussing older adult sexuality with employees can be insightful, encouraging them to share experiences and strategies to enhance person-centered, respectful service.

In several of my training sessions, staff members have shared that sexuality was often considered a taboo subject, and discussions on the topic helped them reflect on possible myths and stereotypes they may have embraced, as well as learn to anticipate residents' sexual needs. We often discuss older adults' physical and mental health, so it can be positive to view sexuality as a dimension of their health that evokes a sense of joy, romance, affection, and passion.

We Myths about older adults and sexuality to eliminate the perception that older adults are asexual human beings.

The assumption can have a negative impact if older adults internalize this misconception. In fact, sexuality can benefit older adults' psychological well-being through helping to maintain interpersonal relationships and a positive self concept.

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