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Movies that get women in the mood


Pick the movie yourself or let your date choose.

Now neither of you has to mull over this tough decision. Moonrise Kingdom is a movie directed by Wes Anderson. There are not complicated plotlines to follow. The movie tells the story of two 12 year olds who fall in love and decide to run away.

If you're in a rut,...

They live on a picturesque little island and a storm is brewing. You and your date can enjoy the lighthearted love story and the beautiful scenery in the movie.

What more could you want in a date night movie? Speed is an exciting movie packed full of action. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are the hot stars of the movie who get wrapped up in a bad situation.

When two people are thrust into such a dangerous scenario, obviously they end up passionately kissing each other.

A Movies that get women in the mood kiss is just what you need to get both of you in the mood. The piece explores the ways a woman can get rid of a guy in 10 days. Hence, the title of the movie. She sets off to find a guy she can experiment on.

Have you already guessed how things end? We also guarantee that any woman will get a little excited over watching Paul Rudd do his thing. I Love You, Man was released in and is the story of a guy who has no guy friends to ask to be in his wedding party.

If your date is into comedy and likes to laugh, Bluestreak is the perfect film for your date night.

Laughter is apparently the best medicine. Laughing at the same stuff is bound to get you both to be a little bit more open with each other. The comedy is one of the funniest cop comedies out there. It follows the story of a former convict played by Martin Lawrence who pretends to be a cop. He stashed some loot years prior and the location has become a cop station. Show your date that you Movies that get women in the mood women are just as funny as men because, newsflash, they are by putting on Bridesmaids.

Getting asked to be part of a wedding party is not always an honor.

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