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Catholic diocese of las vegas


A plaque marking Bishop Joseph A.

Early in his almost year stewardship of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas, Pepe decided he wanted to be buried here as a symbol against the transient nature of the city. Thomas will be installed on May Pepe reflected on his time in Las Vegas. Some bishops believe that my major job is to go through casinos Catholic diocese of las vegas people away from slot machines, getting the dancing girls from the stage and saving their souls.

That was my first impression. But I leave knowing that our people are very active in the services of the church and also in the outreach of the church. I never saw this in Philadelphia. It was paper and glue in other dioceses.

In his homily, Bishop Thomas...

Elizabeth Ann Seton, a woman who has been volunteering for more than 20 years filled a room as big as this conference room every week with all kinds of food, and it would all go on Thursdays to Catholic Charities.

It has a 1,seat capacity, as big as the Shrine of the Most Catholic diocese of las vegas Redeemer, and there, she sees about people at their major Mass. Can you imagine what that looks like? It looks like three people are there. She would come here, and on Thanksgiving, St.

John Neumann would be packed with people. Young people recently led demonstrations against gun violence. Everybody has a voice. You want to hear all the religions so that you have some idea of the diversity.

Early in his almost year...

Pope Francis has pushed this a lot in his encyclicals and the responsibility for us to do that — to have a voice, to explain our values. First, recognize the power of evil in the world. It is so intrusive and so subtle Catholic diocese of las vegas it makes us callous to certain things and puts in our community people who are probably very deprived and weakened.

We have games and other entertainment that are violent. I was looking at a television show, and this guy was mad. He throws lamps on the floor and pushes a bookcase over.

Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas....

That man the October 1 shooter felt that those bodies were nothing to him except something that has got scores on the top. What we have to tell people is this: You have to be the sign in the world.

You have to be the sign of people who have stability in your life, a sense of love and appreciation, a sense of gentleness and kindness — to bring that into your community and Catholic diocese of las vegas it a reality. Is that his intent? That is his intent. That is his gift. He gives a sense of Catholic diocese of las vegas engagement of people that they can identify with.

He is putting in a very practical way the message of the traditions of the church. The number that the Holy See has isSo it really grew. With only 77 active priests about half on loan from other dioceses or semi-retiredhow have you addressed the shortage?

Compare it with Bishop Thomas, in a rural culture like Montana: He ordained 14 priests and has a larger number of candidates for priesthood. I saw there was so much transience. Most of the other bishops looked for another place as they went through here. This was a stepping-stone.

In my second year, I said I wanted to be buried in this cathedral, so I got the permit to be buried. Last night March 27 was the last time I had the Chrism Mass in which the Bishop blesses holy oils used in sacraments in diocesan parishes throughout the year.

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It was nice to think that this year, all the blessings received from the sacraments will have my blessing. It comes to your house. View the discussion thread.

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