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Ways to make your boyfriend want you more sexually

Navbharat Times

The first stage of foreplay is all about giving a guy something to want. Make him want to chase you! Become his number one object of desire…. Summer is the season of hot sex, so take advantage of shimmery lotions and show off your sexy shoulders! Not confident about your body? Here's how you can sizzle away any unwanted pounds quickly. There is nothing sexier to a guy than a girl who smells so good he could devour her right on the spot!

Citrus perfumes, creams and body lotions are definitely the way to go, if you want to attract your man. Alternatively, anything that smells fresh and clean will do the trick! A smooth leg is an invitation to stroke, kiss and basically get intimate with you, so get the wax, razors and silky mitts out ladies and give him something gorgeous to feel. The feminine movement of your hair will get his visual attention, and the sight of your exposed skin will lure him in.

If you wear earrings, a small glint of crystal will make sure his eyes are drawn to where you want them! Tuck your hair coyly behind your ear and stroke your collar bone. Try to hold the glance for as long as possible; be daring! Guys love "Ways to make your boyfriend want you more sexually" who have plenty of confidence — especially when she spots something or someone she wants!

A girl who smiles is open, honest and approachable.

What do men really want...

A smile is an invitation for communication! Nothing will excite him more than the physical contact he gets during the flirtation stage; it feels forbidden, like secret moments are being stolen from the everyday environment.

Take advantage of any close proximity to let Ways to make your boyfriend want you more sexually know you want him too!

Half the fun is in the imagining. The ball will be in his court, and he will be ready to play! You know he wants you, and he knows you want him, but the game is not up yet! If you want him to really want you, then you have to prolong the chase for just the right amount of time. You have to make him work for what he wants, so that when he finally gets you, he will feel completely satisfied…. Show him that other guys desire you too, and that you enjoy the attention.

It will spark his competitive masculine nature, and he will work harder to keep your interest. Do it in front of the other guys, and he will feel like he is winning. Laugh louder at his jokes, accept his offers to buy you drinks, listen to him intently when he speaks and comment on what he says with thoughtful and engaged responses. He will appreciate your focus and you will reinforce the connection between you.

Want to remind him why...

Make him feel like he is the luckiest guy on the planet and stroke his ego at the same time by giving him something really exciting to discover when he wins you over completely….

Think carefully about what you wear on that essential final date, before you both officially get intimate! Wearing sexy layers so that you can slowly reveal yourself throughout the night, giving him a little bit more, every time you peel off an item of clothing, will build the sexual anticipation.

Think — jacket, silk scarf, cardigan, a strappy dress that keeps slipping off the shoulder. And then of course there is underwear… give him something exciting to unwrap himself, when the time comes!

Never offer yourself on a plate, at least certainly not at this stage. He has to work for what he wants every step of the way if you want him to truly appreciate you. If you can always hold a little bit back, you will leave him always wanting more.

If you want to know...

Tease him and make him think you want him to have you, but always pull back a little, and he will want to ravish you! You will know instinctively when the time comes to be uninhibited and let your desire and passion lead the way. When you think he has earned it, show him the sexy beast beneath! But don't make him wait for ever. And now that you've built up his anticipation completely and are done with mental foreplay, comes your physical foreplay. The kind that makes him want to take you to his cave and do kinky things to you.

Now, the sexiest way to get him super hard with total desire is to tease him with your swirling tongue. Let him feel how bad you want him, deep inside you. Slowly, sensually, and with total desire. He'll think he died and went to heaven. Share your tips on seducing men with YouQueen readers by leaving your flirtation tips and stories in the comments below!

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