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How to know if you are sexy


I'm hot and I know it! I generally like how I look.

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Let's be honest here, I'm no Miss America. I look for certain colors and shapes that I know are flattering. Anything to cover my gross body. Basic jeans and tee. No, it doesn't really seem like it. Only gross losers I'd never "How to know if you are sexy." If honks, whistles, and bad pick up lines means they like me, yes. Yeah, I get my fair share of dates. I may sway my hips a bit Like a man be honest! Um, one foot in front of the other I'd love to drop 3 lbs.

I know it's not exactly healthy I think it's fine. I wouldn't mind getting in a bit better shape. Dark hair, medium or light skin and light eyes. Typical, brown hair brown eyes.

Dark hair and skin with light eyes.

It looks fine because I use zit meds or did as a teen. Um, so-so I guess. Not as good as most of my friends'. I get the occasional zit, but my complexion's otherwise great.

Very clear skin with even coloring. Awful, I'm such a pizza face! Um, whoever is working at Cost How to know if you are sexy that day. I go to a salon for major changes, but get trims wherever. A skilled stylist at a nice salon. Um, I just sort of thought "How to know if you are sexy" what I wanted. I saw a picture of someone with my face shape who had this cut, and it looked flattering. I saw a picture of someone with this cut and thought it was cute.

It's easy to style this way. Perfectly blow dried and styled every day. Styled nicely when I have time, pulled back when I don't.

It's styled the same way everyday. Filed and occasionally painted. Choose this if you don't clean under them regularly. I have big fake nails. Oh, god, how can I get out of this? Ah, a few bucks saved. Maybe if I'm bored. Oh, yeah, most of them. I read a few favorites. Wink, then turn back to your friends. Saunter over to him and sexily whisper "Hey, cowboy" in his ear.

Silently freak out and hope he comes over to you to say hi. Turn around to see if there's a pretty girl behind you or something. Trendy new wedges or flats. Sexy stilettos or high heeled boots.

4. You're confident, because you...

Boy shorts, cute and fun. Thongs, I hate VPL! The basics plus eyeliner and shadow.

Do you have a strong...

Full foundation, blush, eyeliner, bronser, shadow, lipstick Powder, lip gloss, mascara. Which of the following hair techniques are you capable of doing skillfully on yourself? Curling iron, hot rollers, French braid, a simple updo, blow drying to straighten, blow drying How to know if you are sexy add volume, using a straightener, using a crimper, dying all-over color, dying just roots, doing highlights, trimming bangs. About half of those listed.

All of those listed except for one or two of them. All of those listed. I can only do about five or less of those listed. All of those except three or four of them. Not as cute as you figured she would be. A bit cuter than you. More into him than you were.

Very different from you in many ways.

Depends if someone else tells...

All the way, baby. In fact you can even whispers shocking and uncommon sex trick into date's ear. I can't risk running him off! I haven't had a date in years A kiss would be fine. Depends on what I thought of him. Date three, as per Cosmo rules. We already did it on the first date, remember? I don't know, he didn't seem very attracted to me When we both feel comfortable.

Ahem, after marriage, of course. It doesn't really matter. I look hot naked!

Whatever I flip to in the Kama Sutra tonight! Whatever hides my belly rolls. You have a great ass. You have a great personality.

You are desperate for a man. You have a great smile. Okay, worst case scenario: You have lots of regular customers.

To know if someone is...

You have all your teeth. You're sweet and friendly. You know lots of good tricks. They are disproportionately large or small.

They're large, but still perky. They're medium sized, and in perfect porportion to my waist, giving me that hourglass look.

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