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Compulsive heterosexuality tumblr

Aug 23, The other half...

View the troll network of subreddits. MRW I stumble across a master doc on tumblr about compulsory heterosexuality and suddenly I have the incredibly strong feeling that identifying as bi is not, and probably never was, completely accurate for me media1.

You probably will want to contact a mod; I can see the comments with the links if I click on your name, but they're not showing up here for some reason. Am I a Lesbian?

Dude "If you love women but feel fake about Compulsive heterosexuality tumblr, just remember that those feelings are the Compulsive heterosexuality tumblr of a patriarchal society which has conditioned you to believe the false idea that you are defined by your ties to men" from the meta doc hit the nail on the head.

I know I am definitely bi, but it took me a long time to get there. I dated a girl in my teens and it lasted a solid week solely because my friends acted like homophobic assholes about it so I broke up with her, pretending it was because I wasn't actually attracted to her and that I was just going through Compulsive heterosexuality tumblr "weird phase".

I convinced myself for years that me kissing women, being attracted to them, was not homosexual and was just "natural because women are prettier than men". But so does Mikey. And I think it's literally just because I've been conditioned into thinking that sleeping with men I'm not attracted to is "inevitable" but sleeping with women I'm not attracted to is "unlikely" because a woman would let me say "no" without getting butt hurt about it.

I shouldn't have been asking myself Compulsive heterosexuality tumblr I sure I'm bi even though I would be really picky about sleeping with a woman? I'm bi and I felt more identified with my male gay side because the Ls and the Gs in my circle were quite intolerant of the Bs, who were just "not going all the way".

I've always been proud of my identity, and I've ended friendships over people saying it's a "phase" or "there's only gay or straight.

the split attraction model made...

My gay male friends constantly told me that I was being brainwashed into straightitude by my conservative culture. I'm like "no, stop being racist you idiot". I feel like most "woke" people see sexuality as a spectrum.

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