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Liquidating a business uk university


This module considers the UK law of registered companies. It addresses the framework within which a company exists and how a company can operate.

The module examines the principles that apply to both private and public companies. During the course of the module you will gain an understanding of the role of the company as a type of business enterprise and how it functions within the legal and business worlds.

Publisher's parent company faces winding-up...

The module enables you to identify legal issues and problems that arise through the use of a company and how to deal with them from a practical legal perspective throughout the life of a company from incorporation to liquidation. The module handbook and the ELE website for this module contain information which is supplied to be read in conjunction with and forms part of this module description.

This module is based on the UK company code. However because many other countries or states have a common law legal system for example many of the States in the United States Liquidating a business uk university America, the Republic of Ireland and most of the countries that are members of the Commonwealththe foundations and principles of company law that are covered in the module are also relevant to understanding the company codes adopted by these countries.

Students who may be interested in a career in law "Liquidating a business uk university" be given an opportunity to attend careers events which take place in the Law School where they will be able to speak with employers in the field of Law see http: Previously, one such talk was given by a partner in a local law firm who spoke about his experience in developing corporate projects.

The module receives indirect input through study manuals, syllabus structures etc from various accreditation bodies, like the ICAEW Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. This module will help students develop their problem-solving and analytical skills, increasing their understanding of legal concepts and legal material at the same time.

It will also Liquidating a business uk university students to critically apply the knowledge and understanding they have acquired to arrangements and events that can occur in a commercial environment.

The seminars and assessment system provide opportunities for improving writing and communication skills which are very useful for many different types of future employment.

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The aim of this module is to enable you to understand the foundation and principles of company law that are to be found in the Companies Act It will also help you understand other important areas of law and practice that apply to UK companies.

The module will consider how to deal with various issues and problems associated with UK companies from a practical legal perspective. A separately assessed essay will not form part of the re-assessment process. The general framework of the legal system contract, agency, property and assets, tort and fiduciary duties, types of business enterprise, types of company, sources and function of corporate law.

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