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Yellow cold sore


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Cold sores, also known as...

Cold sores are common and usually clear up on their own within 10 days. Cold sores should start to heal within 10 days, but may spread and be irritating or painful while they heal.

Canker sore: A canker sore,...

Some people find that certain things trigger a cold sore, such as another Yellow cold sore, sunshine or periods. You can buy electronic devices from pharmacies that treat cold sores with light or lasers. Some people find these helpful, but there haven't been many studies to find out if they work.

If you regularly get cold sores, use antiviral creams as soon as you recognise the early tingling feeling. They don't always work after blisters appear. Don't kiss babies if you have a cold sore.

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It can lead to neonatal herpeswhich is very dangerous to newborn babies. The GP may prescribe antiviral tablets if your cold sores are very large, painful or keep coming back.

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