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Wiekus kotze wife sexual dysfunction


Wiekus Kotze is a self-proclaimed radical and militant who believes that party leader Julius Malema is the most inspirational person he has ever met. I admire his guts and his fearlessness. You need a person like that to be in Parliament. Julius Malema is gifted. There is not a township in this province I do not know inside out. They accepted that — she was loved, respected and nursed my mother Wiekus kotze wife sexual dysfunction her deathbed after we got married.

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When the announcement was made of my position in the EFF, there were over comments from Afrikaans-speaking people on the Boere Krisis website, who lashed out at me. They told me I was an idiot, a fool, that I was sucking up to black people, that I was a traitor betraying my white skin. Last week, amid the backlash, Twitter suspended his account. Those six provocative words caused havoc.

EFF member Wiekus Kotze was...

He thinks he is hitting a raw nerve. I believe white people left a mess in this country.

STOFFBERG Wikus aged 51, AND...

He was an ANC member for the past 16 years — his first vote was for the party, he professes — but by last year, he could not longer support it. I looked at the seven basic pillars of strength and visualised it in the current state, and you know what?

Most of the things in the EFF make sense and can work. People will have year licences to work the land.

But economic freedom means the majority of the people need to be economically emancipated. We would rather have state construction companies.

He believes the EFF can win the election — he will lead the charge to seize Joburg — and spends his weekends planning the takeover strategy or relaxing with family and friends at braais.