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Truth hurts pics


Unless it is about you right?

Check out what one teacher was caught saying about her students! My students are "out of contol," "rude, lazy, disengaged whiners," "rat-like," and "frightfully dim.

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Due to this we are updating our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. These updates will come into effect starting from May 25, By using the site izismile. I find all this ruckus completly and utterly stupid, "Truth hurts pics" just wrote on her anonimous blog that she hated some students seriously, she just said what other were thinking.

Truth Hurts. Truth Hurts. There...

I Truth hurts pics no problems in honesty and a teacher might as well hate me, i don't give a damn. Leave the goddamn woman alone, she is a human being not a robot that would be always kind and loving, let her have her opinion. She is absolutely Truth hurts pics Most of these kids are just as she says, and the parents are of like. I can understand the need to express such feelings in one form or another.

Kids can be, and frequently are from a teachers standpoint, jerks. If she is a good teacher I see no problem. How do you know? If you actually went to school you should have learned some punctuation. No one likes to hear that their "little darlings" are anything but perfect these days.

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