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Sexy things to turn your boyfriend on


Try this sexy move to really turn up the heat in the bedroom. This position is pretty much designed for him to hit your g-spot over and over. Lots of people think kissing during sex is just for foreplay, but it can be a pleasure boosting powerhouse. Try kissing him Sexy things to turn your boyfriend on during intercourse to hugely up the intimacy and pleasure.

Is the bedroom routine getting old 2? Try spicing things up by getting spicy with him outside the bedroom, like in the kitchen, bathroom, or on the sofa.

Try adding food into your sex play to really turn up the heat and add some new sensations to the bedroom. Combine some of your favorite flavors — like peanut butter and chocolate, and whipped cream, and add them to some strategic spots on his body to lick off later…. Guys love it when a girl dirty talks in the bedroom, and your guy is no exception.

Did you know that in recent surveys — guys vote girl on top as their 1 favorite position? Jumping in the shower with him is a great way to have some slippery, soapy, dirty fun. Try passionately kissing each other while the water runs over you and the bathroom mirror fogs up. Did you know that guys have a g-spot too? Try finding this spot on his body by pushing on his perineum — the skin between his scrotum and backside. Many guys report in surveys Sexy things to turn your boyfriend on they want a woman to take charge in the bedroom sometimes.

Try getting the upper hand in the bedroom without saying a word by giving his member a little squeeze every time he does something you like. Guys love to watch we all know they watch pornand it gets them super stimulated to just watch for a bit without touching. Instead, use your tongue, breath, and lips to excite, tease, and please each other. Try getting him riled up with all your clothes on, but making him wait an extra minute for you to take off each article of clothing.

His frustration will combine with anticipation to leave him breathing hot, heavy, and ready for passion. If you want your man to last longer in bed, try this tantric trick — massage his upper ear with your fingertips, working your way from the top to Sexy things to turn your boyfriend on earlobe.

Then, use your pinky to massage where his ear meets his head and use the tip of your tongue to delight the inside of his ear. And you thought shower sex was good — try sex in the bath tub! Pamper each other with long soapy massages before getting down to business and getting each other off. Give him a sexy compliment and watch him work to prove you right.

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