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People sucking a penis

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Read more about Penis Sucking Techniques here. "People sucking a penis" is by far the most popular blowjob position. I have given more blowjobs in this position than any other. This position works very well on average because it positions the cocksuckers mouth at the proper height for the cock he is sucking.

This suggests some modifications when there is a major height difference. If the man being sucked is tall, the cocksucker can accommodate by rising up on his knees to the proper height. The opposite situation is not so easy — if you are blowing a short man, it might help for him to stand on a footstool or other sturdy item. Once the geometry between sucker and suckee have been worked out, things pretty much take care of themselves, unless the blowjob lasts a long time.

Most of the guys I blow cum within five minutes, but there are some that take People sucking a penis half an hour. While it is wonderful to have a cock in my mouth that long, it can be tiring.

The knees tend to get sore on a long blowjob, so cushions, pillows or even a few towels under the knees can remedy that. This position leaves the suckers hands free, so there are many possibilities. It also allows you to jack off while sucking.

Some men really like their sucker to stroke themselves while sucking because they like the idea of them being clearly aroused from sucking. Other men forbid their suckers from touching themselves because they want their cock to the center of attention.

Some of these men like their suckers to have their hands behind their backs. There are many variations possible in this position, so be flexible and enjoy! If you are doing this position in bed, it usually works well.

If done on a hard surface, such as a floor, some sort of cushioning can make it more comfortable. If you find yourself in the very lucky situation of servicing a line of men in this fashion, long term comfort will be more important than for simply a three-way.

This is another three-way position in which one man lies on his back, and the cocksucker sit on his erect cock. The man being sucked stands, feet apart over the man on the bottom. I have only done this once, and long to repeat it — if I could, it every day! The men I did this with made this especially wonderful.

I checked with the man I was riding and confirmed that he had not yet cum, so I slipped off him and stroked his cock while I licked my cum off his belly, then proceeded to suck him off. As much as I wanted to, I was not able to reconnect with these men. I did this on a bed, which was very comfortable. Had it been on the floor, some knee discomfort may have occurred, which might be remedied with towels under the "People sucking a penis" knees and legs.

As with other kneeling positions, it People sucking a penis a lot of flexibility to adapt to the height of the man People sucking a penis are sucking. This is my second most People sucking a penis position, mainly because the men I blow like it. Knee comfort, as with other kneeling positions can be enhanced with cushioning.

This position does not work well for extremely fat men. I mean no disrespect, and have enjoyed blowing a number of fat men after all, they need to cum also. When blowing a very fat man, the position needs to allow easy access to his cock, which can tend to pull under layers of fat.

Leaner men, and men with long cocks can be very effectively blown in this position.

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