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Jeantel zimmerman homosexual rights


But you — but you felt that there was no doubt in your mind from what Trayvon was telling you on the phone about the creepy ass cracka and so on, that he absolutely believed that George Zimmerman, this man, you didn't know who he was at the time, but this man, was pursuing him? Definitely after I say may be a rapist, for every boy, for every man, every — who's not that kind of way, seeing a grown man following them, would they be creep out?

So you have to take it — as a parent, when you tell your child, when Jeantel zimmerman homosexual rights see a grown person following you, run away, and all that.


Would you go stand there? You going to tell your child stand there?

If you tell your child stand there, we're going to see your child on the news for missing person. Let me spell it out for you.

Trayvon described Zimmerman to her. She began to fear that Zimmerman was gay, a rapist.

She then told Trayvon to 'run, run, run. After 'I say may be a rapist' that means, she said, this guy could be gay he could be a rapist.

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He might want to rape you. You run Trayvon, 'for every boy, every man whose not that kinda way,'" he noted. But Trayvon was mad.

OK, I'll give him what for. So Trayvon Martin, this angel…actually is a gay basher," Limbaugh concluded.

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Limbaugh: Rachel Jeantel Said Trayvon Thought Zimmerman Was a Gay Rapist Zimmerman Civil Rights Charges: 'More Can Be Done'.

To claim that the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman proves the and finally after the gay-hating murder of Matthew Shepard and the lynching of James Byrd. fit between existing law and the known facts in the Zimmerman case.


of Trayvon Martin's friend, Rachel Jeantel, undermined her credibility. urging authorities to press federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

According to the prosecution's “star witness,” Rachel Jeantel, Martin thought But if he thought Zimmerman were gay and vulnerable, why not?.

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