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Female hypersexuality in bipolar disorder


Information on the association between bipolar disorder BDsexual satisfaction, sexual function, sexual distress and quality of life QoL is sparse. This study aims, in women with BD, to i investigate sexual dysfunction, sexual distress, general sexual satisfaction Female hypersexuality in bipolar disorder QoL; ii explore whether sexual distress was related to affective symptoms and iii investigate whether QoL was associated with sexual distress.

The study is a questionnaire survey in an outpatient cohort of women with BD using: In total, 61 women age range 19—63, mean Women with BD were significantly more sexually distressed in comparison with Danish women from the background population but they did not have a higher prevalence of impaired sexual function.

Finally, the group of non-sexually distressed women with BD reported higher QoL scores compared with the sexually distressed group. Women with BD exhibited a high prevalence of "Female hypersexuality in bipolar disorder" distress and their sexual function seemed associated with their actual mood symptoms and perception of QoL.

Sexual dysfunction is defined as an impaired sexual function that causes distress. The definition has changed several times over the course of time but a division into four categories overall has remained: Sexual dysfunction is caused by biological, psychological and social interactions and factors with negative influence on human well-being.

Information on the association between...

Additionally, the risk of sexual dysfunction is increased by factors such as socio-economic status Christensen et al. Information on the association between bipolar disorder, quality of life, sexual satisfaction, sexual function and distress is sparse.

It is well known that depression and antidepressants affect sexual function negatively Clayton et al.

Patients with BD had increased sexual desire in comparison with patients with unipolar disorder in the Italian study. Also, the presence of periods characterised by frequent sexual partners was significantly associated with the feeling that life is not worth living and sexual dysfunction was associated with lifetime suicide attempts. Finally, a Dutch study in the general population of the Netherlands showed an association between BD and sexual dissatisfaction Vanwesenbeeck et al.

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Episodes of depression or mania can be trigged by stress. The possible relationship between sexual distress and affective symptoms in patients with BD has not been evaluated previously. Further, quality of life QoLthe general well-being and observed life satisfaction in many aspects—for example, physical and psychological health, education, employment, wealth, finance, environment, social relations and sexual function—are important aspects of QoL.