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Why do men try to make women jealous


Sometimes love is weird. One moment someone likes you, the next moment they are with someone else. But what if he is doing both? Often times, a guy is so in love with you so that he wants you to chase him back.

The real petty way to do that is by making you feel jealous by the action he does. Here are the signs he likes you so he is trying to make you jealous:. First, you need to know that he likes you.

The motive to making you jealous could be love when he seems genuinely happy to see you which is a sign of romantic attraction. Although he makes you jealous, he still likes you.

By trying to make them...

This is shown by his effort to make you happy. The signs that he is making you jealous because he wants you to chase him is that he always demand attention more than anyone else. He blatantly claims that he is hanging out with other girl and often repeatedly. Proven by this action, you can deduce that he is desperate. He start posting random photos with random girls just because he knows that it will make you absolutely jealous.

It is actually proven that when we are with someone we love, we talk louder and with a higher pitch. Maybe he is unconciously showing you that sign.

Real men don't need to...

The only reason why he does this is because of his insecurity. But he will try to messily cover his insecurity by being fake confident. Social media is the place where he can make you jealous the most.


Because of this reason, he desperately wants you to see it. When you ask about his status with the girl, he gets really flustered or just making it unspecified. He wants to know if you react like he wants to when he is trying to make you jealous. What he is looking for is anger and sadness.

All his effort to be close to someone seems hasty and not serious at all, just a game to make you jealous. Texts to other girls are shown to you. He knows it is the thing that girls hate. Does he just want to make you jealous?

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