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Rebel - Right Here, Right Now! With just a little more than a month to Valentine's Day and the Season of Romance Keep in mind, you can make any day Valentine's Day The 1 Way to Spark Your Sexy It seems incredible and weird and unbelievable that I can say: Yes, we started off very, very young: I was just 20 and he was It doesn't even seem like that could be possible, then or now -- we're still way Sexy housewife blog young to be married that long, unruly silver hair mine and the accumulation of love and good food about 20lbs for both of usnotwithstanding.

I Sexy housewife blog been married now for longer than I was not.

We quickly disentangled ourselves from other relationships in the face of destiny and Sexy housewife blog our very own Summer of Love after my high school graduation in I was very young, at 17, and it took me a year or two to settle down and commit long-term, after enough first-year-college experience and variety to know he was The One.

I never expected it to happen so early, but we both just knew and we were right!

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We married on August 6,in a garden courtyard on a threatening-to-be-rainy day at our beloved Manor Farm Inn in Poulsbo, Washington, and the Adventure s began More than a quarter-century and three nearly-grown children later, Sexy housewife blog still seems so new, to my constant amazement.

We still love each other, more every day, and we still like each other, too.

**Being A Sexy Housewife**. Okay,...

Besides, you know, marry young and basically Imprint on each other People ask us the secret to a long and happy relationship? For us, it's all about new Adventures and the appreciation of Magical Moments-- to create a life in which there are many of each.

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