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Transsexual transylvania tumblr login


A person can only do so much preparation for an experience that involves grown men in lingerie and barrage of hotdogs, toast, and toilet paper flying through the air.

The cult classic performance creates an atmosphere that is truly unique and has become the quintessential activity for those who feel like getting a little weird with complete strangers on Halloween night. Although the word Horror is in the title, the film is anything but scary.

The plot involves a couple that becomes stranded at a mansion with a mad transgender scientist, Dr. Furter, and the insanely strange night they endure there with the rest of the whacky cast. The movie eventually adopted its cult like nature after it flopped on the big screen and Transsexual transylvania tumblr login started to practice the traditions that are still carried on today.

The film plays on a movie screen while a shadow cast reenacts the scenes in front of the audience. The audience members are encouraged to engage with the cast members by throwing props at them and at times even yelling obscenities while shooting the middle finger at the screen.

What makes the event so special is the culture that has developed through the diehard fans and newcomers alike.

Although you may be a virgin, all attendees share a sort of communal bond with each other, simply because they have decide to partake in the outrageous rituals. The mutual respect of the Transsexual transylvania tumblr login, actors, and other viewers dressed in drag is what makes the experience one of kind.

There will be a showing that night with the cast of Cepheid Variable. Tickets should be bought online in advance because the show WILL sell out.

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