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Sexual harassment in egypt essay

This essay will first explain...

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Everyday the Egyptian streets are becoming more and more hostile to women this is due to the exacerbating problem of sexual harassment.

This essay will first explain...

Sexual harassment in egypt essay The vicinity of this problem is increasing rapidly; thus, it would be insurmountable to eliminate, if firm actions are not taken immediately.

Moreover, the British office of Foreign affairs issued a report that Egypt is one of the countries with highest number of reported cases of sexual harassments against British citizens; therefore, it has asked its citizens to be extra caution in Egyptian streets Abdelhadi. Many causes were identified: To begin with, what is sexual harassment and how to identify it? Before discussing the causes of sexual harassment, it should be comprehensively defined with its various types and forms.

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From this definition we could conclude there are two types of sexual harassment: On work sexual harassment is the one that takes place in the working environment and usually from a supervisor or a boss and even sometimes from peers. It could occur due to either refusing the presence of women in the work or as pressure to ask for sexual favors.

I, also, interviewed a graduate friend who is working in a marketing firm. She told me that sometimes she faces harassment inflicted by customers. Moreover, she also explained that some people think working women are in need for money so they try to take advantage of this. The other type of harassment is the off work sexual harassment. It could be in the form of wolf whistling, unwelcomed body touching, verbal harassment or even rape.

It takes place in the streets and it occurs due to various reasons that will be discussed later. The high unemployment rate One of the causes of sexual harassment is the high unemployment rate and low incomes.

The Egyptian economy has been in a recession during the last few years. This high rate of unemployment adds a negative pressure on Sexual harassment in egypt essay especially in a patriarchal society like the Egyptian one as here in Egypt men are the ones supposed to cover household expenses and marriage expenses.

Thus according to Sexual harassment in egypt essay scholars this pressure cause men to show their anger on women in the streets as many of them believe that women took the vacancies in the jobs and they are unemployed because of working women Stack.

Furthermore high unemployment rate and low incomes caused the appearance of the problem of late marriage.

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