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Psychosexual evaluations atlanta ga


Steven Gaskell is a licensed Sex Offender Evaluator in Illinois and a licensed Psychologist in Georgia who performs psychosexual evaluations. All sex offender evaluations or psychosexual evaluations include a detailed risk assessment that includes use of actuarial instruments when appropriate and other Psychosexual evaluations atlanta ga based risk and protective factors.

Recidivism rates are not uniform across all sex offenders and once convicted, most sexual offenders are never re-convicted of another sexual offense. First time sex offenders are significantly less likely to sexually re-offend than are those with previous sexual convictions.

Sexual offenders with a credible release plan are lower risk than sexual offenders without such a plan, and cooperation with supervision is a well-established factor that reduces risk and non-compliance with supervision increases sexual re-offense risk.

Psychosexual evaluations atlanta ga - drgaskell psycholegalassessments. Steven Gaskell specializes in the evaluation of sex offenders and psychosexual evaluations.

He has expertise evaluating individuals charged with sexual crimes, and performing comprehensive credible sex offender risk assessments that have been accepted by State and Federal courts.

Such sex offender psychosexual evaluations typically include a comprehensive review of all available legal, medical, and mental health records.

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Other psychological testing is given based on the need of the particular individual being evaluated. Future risk assessment in sex offender evaluations includes the use Psychosexual evaluations atlanta ga empirically validated actuarial instruments i. The following areas are also investigated in psychosexual evaluations: Gaskell, Psychosexual evaluations atlanta ga psychologist at Psycholegal Assessments, Inc.

He has completed s ex offender evaluations on persons who have been charged with a sexual offense for the first time, on persons who are repeat offendersas well as evaluations within the context of Sexually Violent Person or Sexually Violent Predator SVP evaluations and Sexually Dangerous Person SDP evaluations. Gaskell also performs psychological evaluations and sex offender psychosexual evaluations for State and Federal Child Pornography cases, and Adam Walsh Act waivers for immigration.

Gaskell has performed sex offender evaluations for Sexually Violent Person evaluations both pre-probable cause and post-probable cause. He has testified in over Sexually Violent Person or Sexually Violent Predator SVP cases and he has testified as an expert witness for both the prosecution and the defense. He has also been deposed in such cases on over 30 occasions.