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Halo reach matchmaking load failure


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Don't have an account? Sign up for free! I keep getting loading failure on matchmaking everyone will vote and at the end it will say loading failure also beside the maps to vote for most the Halo reach matchmaking load failure it will be a blank black box instead of a picture of the map it still will let me play but this happens a lot and sometimes it will kick me from my team and restart the search is there something i can do to fix this User Info: Try installing the game to your hard-drive and check your network settings.

It sounds like your network connection isn't working too well with the host server.

Halo reach matchmaking load failure...

It happened with me a few times, too. Check the speed of your connection. Usually happens during high traffic times with your ISP.

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Its happened to me once, but Im on a wireless modem so it was probably because of that. Try playing during times when you think there wouldnt be a lot of people using their internets, ie, early morning, late at night, midday during work hours. These seem to be the best times for me to play, so if theyre good for a wireless modem, they should be loads better for a landline modem.

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