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Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction


Two million followers on Facebook do, as do hundreds of thousands of students who benefitted from Bayyinah Institute, one of the most well-respected Arabic Studies institutions in the United States. In a post that elicited over comments in less than 24 hours since its posting, Omer wrote:.

He confessed inappropriate interactions with Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction women, violating agreed-upon bounds of Islamic law. He also told lies to cover up those relationships, and filed threats of litigation against multiple parties to further hide his misconduct.

I am calling on him to focus on repentance and reform. He is jeopardizing his soul and reputation; he is tampering with the Iman of so many of the students of his courses and lectures…. In a meeting with the above scholars and myself, Nouman agreed to stop public speeches until further notice, to get professional and religious counseling, and to cease all contact with those women.

I had the responsibility to determine when he would be ready to speak Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction. I gave him an exception, allowing him to post previously recorded lectures, so long as they were not about marriage or gender matters….

This brings us to where we are today. Nouman has now broken his agreement with us and has been sending threats against each of us through his attorney. In it, he asserts his innocence and claims that enemies to himself and his family are conspiring to destroy him, and sums the situation up as follows:.

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The circumstances of my divorce are one of the most difficult and painful experiences of my life. Many rumors surrounded that event and I chose to remain silent to protect Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction children more than anyone else.

After the passage of some time I did in fact pursue remarriage with the help of my family. All such communications took place between consenting adults and there was nothing malicious or predatory about them. I fail to see how such interaction can render anyone a victim. These communications took place for a dignified purpose. Yet these are the communications that are being alleged as predatory. Both parties are shocked.

Muzaffar was called to act as a mediator in February of when a prominent Chicago Imam -Mohammad Abdullah Saleem — was accused of sexual assault of a student as well as an employee at the Institute of Islamic Education.

Saleem was its founder.

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He plead guilty on both charges. It is very important to put things into perspective:. To make matters grossly messier, screenshots of contact between Nouman Ali Khan and various women have been released not by the collective of Muslim community keaders mediating this situation, ie.

Omer Mozafferwhich include private conversations, shirtless selfies, and Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction transfer receipts. On one hand, Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction Ali Khan is a respected teacher whose founding and teaching at Bayyinah have been an undeniable benefit for the Muslim community world-wide.

On the other hand, those accusing him are also respected and trusted in the Muslim community. Do not call people names. Do not invoke the wrath of Allah or curse those who you believe to be falsely accusing Nouman Ali Khan. Verily, when a servant curses something, the curse rises to the heaven and the gates of heaven close upon it. It turns right and left and if it does not find somewhere to go, it will return to that which was cursed only if it deserved to be curse, otherwise the curse will return to the one who made it.

Sunan Abu DawudGrade: In cursing Omer Muzaffar and those who agree with him, you are taking a serious risk. Remember- if the person you are cursing is not truly deserving of it — it will return to you instead. Be patient and fear Allah. Trust that in the end, as Allah says in Surah Isra ayah 81, that falsehood is bound to perish — whether you leave angry comments or not. Seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan and do not act — or update your status — in anger.

You are not his ex wife or his children. You are not his colleagues at Bayyinah. You are not his friends or his family members. You are neither the defense nor the prosecution. You have zero first-hand knowledge of the situation at all. If you choose to decide that he is innocent because you love him and no amount of evidence will convince you otherwise, then take a step back and examine the religious devotion you are feeling.

Remember that no one except Allah is perfect.

Do not be shocked at the suggestion that a religious personality could be accused of irreligious behavior. That sort of incredulity and disbelief is what shames real victims and discourages them from seeking justice.

After all, Shaytaan goes out of his way to take down the righteous. The closer you get to Allah, the more likely Shaytaan will try to drag you down. Islam is with Allah, and Islam is not the sole domain of any one Muslim.

Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction is not hurt by the sins of a scholar any more than it is hurt by the sins of an apostate. Those with adab and knowledge stayed silent on the matter, and Allah caused the truth to be revealed. Do not curse, not even those you believe to be wronging Nouman Ali Khan. Not even the Prophet would do that to the people wronging him. Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction was sent as a mercy.

Pray instead for their guidance and for the emergence of truth. Remember that because you have no first-hand knowledge of what has happened, you have no right to comment on his innocence. Or, for that matter, his guilt.

If you do believe he is guilty of what he has been accused of, then take a moment to ask yourself this: If you committed zina, or cheated on your spouse, or had an inappropriate conversation with someone in privacy, did you benefit in any way from a public skewering?

Or did Allah hide your sins and allow you to repent from them?

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If you are convinced of his guilt and Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction yourself seeking out more details, answer this: Do you need to read every message and study every picture?

You and the millions of Muslims — literally, millions — following this story are equally irrelevant regardless of whether you presume his guilt or not. While this story has entered the public sphere, at its heart this is still a private matter.

There are faces and broken hearts behind the names. There are families who will have to pick up pieces and rebuild their Navaid aziz wife sexual dysfunction long after your curiosity has been satiated.

Not to create hatred or entertainment within the Muslim community. That it is currently doing both is a poor indicator of our restraint as a community. Do not, however, stop or discourage others from doing so.

Allah commanded us to encourage good and forbid evil, and while you may not want to use Bayyinah books or watch Bayyinah lectures that is your choice.

The people who work at Bayyinah are not complicit in his sins simply because they are his employees. The students at Bayyinah are not complicit in his sins because they are his students.

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