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Heteroromantic but homosexual


I read about Aces being heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, aromantic oder whatever else, were the romantic orientation doesn't fit the sexual orientation, and I was just wondering how that is with other sexual orientations - like being homosexual and heteroromantic or heterosexual and homoromantic and so on. Like, being sexually attracted to a different gender than you are romantic attracted to.

Are there people like that? I just thought that that would have to be pretty awful for those people, if they have a crush on a girl they don't find hot while looking at a boy and dreaming of having sex with him or something like that. Such a complete divergence of orientation is probably very rare Combinations like bisexual homoromantic, heterosexual biromantic etc. I'd suppose it's probably going to make one's relationship life "Heteroromantic but homosexual" complicated, though.

I remember watching a YouTube news channel that reported a story about a gay man who had married a women and had children with her, as many have done in the past. After coming Heteroromantic but homosexual as gay he told people that despite being homosexual, he still loved his wife.

Many people in the comments were saying that this made him bisexual. All I could think was that it's possible he could be a homosexual biromantic. As for a homosexual heteroromantic, it's probably rarer, as Mysticus said, but it must be possible, in the same way that aromantic sexuals are believed to exist.

Being attracted emotionally to the...

As Mys and Emanresu have said, it's really very rare, but yes, totally possible. Well whatever the hell they end up: P And that can mean anything from ace aro to heteroromantic homosexual and everything in between. I've bounced from thinking I was homosexual homoromantic to biromantic and forth for a while. So I don't really think I'd mind dating someone of the opposite gender if everything else worked out: I know someone who is Heteroromantic but homosexual and biromantic.

It is not exactly what you said, but it showcases how different variations are possible.

Well its as possible as my existence, I'm asexual and panromantic, I can fall in love with all genders and sexes and give them affection, I just can't stand having sex or performing sexy acts, bc I'm so repulsed by sex it even causes me nausea. Crushing doesn't depend on your sexual attraction, nor sexual attraction depends on your romantic attraction. We can conclude this: They're different kinds of love.

People can also be unable to feel romantically and sexually at the same time not heterosexual homoromantic but straight, for example, who either feels one way or the other about a person but not bothwhich is unofficially called an allochronic orientation e.

Since some romantic people prefer masturbation over partnered Heteroromantic but homosexual and others are aromantic sexuals, I can somehow imagine people who consider some form Heteroromantic but homosexual homosexuality more convenient than what would be romantic orientation appropriate.

I met a guy who was pansexual but heteromantic. So I can say from a personal anecdote that it can happen!

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